Stewed apples and rose hips

Ingredients for making compote from apples and rose hips

  1. 1 kilogram small apples
  2. Rosehip fresh 200 grams
  3. Sugar 350 grams
  4. Pure cold cold water 800 milliliters
  • Main ingredientsApple, Rosehip
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World Cuisine


Deep bowl - 2 pieces, toothpicks, a stove, an average cauldron, a tablespoon, a large pan, a three-liter glass bottle, a metal lid for a can, a can opener, a warm blanket, a cloth towel, a cutting board, a middle pan - 2 pieces, a stove, kitchen gloves, a sieve, a medium bowl, a can opener, kitchen tongs, serving glasses, baking soda, kitchen sponge, slotted spoon

Cooking compote from apples and rose hips:

Step 1: prepare a jar with a lid for preservation.

An important action is the sterilization of containers, because it depends on whether your conservation will explode at the most inopportune moment or not. Therefore, we rub a jar with a lid on all sides with baking soda, using a kitchen sponge. After that, we rinse the inventory under running water until it starts to creak when you hold it with wet fingers on the glass. We put the container upside down on a cloth towel and leave it alone for a while.

Pour ordinary cold water into a large pot so that it half-fills the container, and put on medium heat. When the liquid boils, we begin to sterilize the container. Reduce the heat to the maximum and very carefully put a jar with a lid in the pan. We process everything within 7-10 minutes. After the allotted time, turn off the burner and, using kitchen tongs, take out the bottle with the lid and put it upside down on a cloth towel.

Step 2: prepare the apples.

Gently spread the apples in a deep bowl and rinse under running water, while removing the stalks and leaves. Then, one at a time, lay out the component on a cutting board and use a toothpick to pierce in 2-3 places. Prepared fruits are transferred back to the bowl and temporarily set aside.

Step 3: prepare the dogrose.

With clean hands, remove the stems and leaves from the dogrose. Then put the component in a free deep bowl and rinse thoroughly under running water. At the end, drain the liquid and leave the container aside.

Step 4: prepare a compote of apples and rose hips.

Pour ordinary water into two medium pans, so that the liquid fills the containers halfway, and put on a large fire. As soon as everything boils, we turn off the fire and begin to blanch the fruit with berries. In two pans, carefully spread the apples and rose hips and cook for 8-10 minutes. After the allotted time, turn off the burner and proceed to conservation.

Using a slotted spoon, put the components in turn into a still hot sterilized jar and cover with a lid.

Now we pour clean cold water into the cauldron and pour sugar. We put the container on medium heat and, occasionally stirring with a tablespoon, bring the liquid to a boil. Cook the syrup until sugar crystals completely dissolve in it. Then turn off the burner, and gently filter the hot liquid through a sieve into a medium bowl.

Pour syrup to the top of the can and seal with a can opener. We put the compote upside down in some secluded place and wrap it in a warm blanket. When the setting is at room temperature, we move the container to a cool place where there is no sunlight. Attention: preservation can be stored for a year.

Step 5: serve stewed apples and rose hips.

When the cold comes, it's time to try our kompotik from apples and rose hips. To do this, open the can with a can opener, and pour the drink into glasses and serve to the dessert table. By the way, if you are a lover of canned apples, then using a tablespoon you can put them in a bowl and put next to the compote.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- for the preparation of compote it is best to use sweet paradise apples, then the drink will turn out to be even more aromatic and rich;

- instead of a three-liter bottle, you can take two 1.5-liter cans;

- the more apples and rose hips in the container, the richer the compote.