Cheese sauce

Cheese Sauce Ingredients

  1. Egg 1 pc
  2. Vegetable oil 100 ml
  3. Mustard spicy 2-3 tsp
  4. Powdered milk 1 tsp
  5. Lemon juice 0.5 tsp
  6. Salt, ground pepper to taste
  7. Hard cheese 15-20 g
  8. 2 cloves of garlic
  • Main ingredients: Garlic, Eggs, Cheese
  • World Cuisine


Hand blender, Plate or bowl, Garlic, Grater, Teaspoon, Measuring cup

Cooking Cheese Sauce:

Step 1: Cook the mayonnaise.

First, prepare the mayonnaise. To do this, wash the chicken egg under hot running water, break it into a deep plate or bowl and mix with salt and black pepper.

Then add mustard, milk powder and lemon juice.

Now we arm ourselves with a hand blender and beat everything until smooth.

Without stopping mixing, slowly pour the vegetable oil. After which we drive everything to a thick homogeneous mass. This will be our mayonnaise.

Step 2: Prepare Cheese and Garlic.

On a grater with small holes we rub the cheese, and we simply peel the garlic from the husk.

Step 3: Cooking Cheese Sauce.
Using a special garlic machine, squeeze the garlic into mayonnaise and mix with a teaspoon.

Add cheese and mix again with a teaspoon. All cheese sauce is ready.

Step 4: Serve the cheese sauce.

This sauce perfectly complements poultry dishes, as well as baked vegetables, such as potatoes. Although you can put it on bread toasts, garnish with a sprig of dill or parsley and serve as a snack on the festive table.
Enjoy your meal!
Video recipe version:

Recipe Tips:

- So that the sauce does not turn out to be too salty due to cheese, it is better to add a little salt at the beginning of cooking, and at the end to taste it and if it turns out to be small, just add salt to taste.

- To make the sauce thick, you need to get the eggs out of the refrigerator in advance and wait until they warm up to room temperature.

- Mayonnaise can be prepared on the basis of any vegetable oil, both sunflower and olive are suitable.