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Rosehip compote

Ingredients for making rosehip compote

  1. Rosehip (fresh berries) 500 grams
  2. Sugar 600 grams
  3. Purified water 3 liters
  4. Lemon juice (freshly squeezed) 1 tablespoon
  • Main Ingredients Rosehip, Sugar
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Cutting board, Kitchen scale, Kitchen knife, Colander, Stove, Kettle, Deep pan with a lid (capacity 4 liters), Fine mesh strainer, Wooden kitchen spoon, Refrigerator, Cup

Cooking compote from rose hips:

Step 1: prepare the dogrose.

To get started, take the right amount of rose hips, clean it from the stalks and villi. Then we recline in a colander, rinse thoroughly under cold running water and leave it in the sink for a few minutes, so that the excess liquid in the glass.

After that, in turn, put the fruits on a chopping board, cut each into 2 halves and remove seeds from them. Then we rinse again and hold in a colander until the moment of use.

Step 2: cook the compote from rose hips.

At the same time, we turn on two burners for a strong fire. On one we put a kettle with 2 liters of purified water, and on the second pan with a liter and bring everything to a boil.
As soon as the liquid in the saucepan begins to boil, pour sugar into it and mix them with a wooden spoon until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. After boiling again, prepare the syrup until the sugar grains are completely dissolved.
Then we put in it pieces of rose hips and cook them for 2-3 minutes. Then we pour in another 2 liters of boiling water from the kettle, mix thoroughly, bring it to a boil again, remove from heat, rearrange it on a cutting board and let the compote stand under a covered lid for 30 minutes or until it cools completely.

Next, filter it into a clean dish through a sieve with a fine mesh, add freshly squeezed lemon juice to the drink, mix everything again and act as desired, either serve immediately or let stand in the refrigerator and only after that serve.

Step 3: serve the compote from rose hips.

Stewed rosehips are served warm or chilled or at room temperature. Serve it in a decanter or in portions in glasses. This drink has a pleasant sweet and sour taste with a delicate aroma. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- instead of fresh rosehips, dried can be used, for the above mass of products 1 cup;

- very often, along with the remaining two liters of water, dried fruits or fresh berries are added to the pan: currants, blackberries, raspberries;

- A good substitute for freshly squeezed lemon juice - concentrated canned or citric acid;

- sometimes during cooking, cinnamon, vanilla sugar or several dried clove buds are put in the compote;

- drinks, tinctures and decoctions of rose hips are not recommended for people prone to thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcer, with high acidity or gastritis. Even those who are in perfect health should not abuse this yummy, it’s enough to drink the course from 7 to 10 days - 1 cup per day. Also, do not forget that rosehip is a diuretic and, when used regularly, you risk washing large amounts of calcium from the body.