May 1st worker

The Latin scientific name of the lily of the valley, "convallaria majalis", has the meaning of "valley" (convallaria) and "May" (majalis), probably a reference to the original place and flowering period of this flower.

Lily of the valley

Maiglöckchen (germ.)

May lily of the valley (fr.)

Mitologic Carpet / lawn of Parnassus. A legend says that Apollo covered Mount Parnassus with tears so that the muses would not be hurt.

The tears of St. Mary as the legend says that this flower rose from the tears shed by the grieving mother near the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

Another legend says that the nightingales do not begin to sing until the scent of the weevils fills the air with their lingering scent.

In the old astrology books, the weevil is under the sign of Mercury; the goddess Maia, daughter of Mercury, being the mother of Mercury or Hermes.

It is a perennial plant, very popular, with delicate flowers and intense fragrance, very pleasant. It is planted in a shady-semi-shady, humid place. It blooms in April. They are ideal in perennial layers, but they also delight us in vases, like a cut flower.

It is a very toxic plant, even the water in the vase in which it stood. If kept in closed rooms, it causes headaches, sometimes severe.

In temperate European areas, in the forest, where it grows naturally, it is a bioindicator of the age and naturalness of the forest (along with sheep, s.m. (Bot .; reg.) Saschiu)

It is used in perfumery, although it is rarely used in its natural form. From the sec. XVI lăcrămioara was a perfume appreciated, especially by men, because the French term is masculine "lily of the valley" and designated until the twentieth century. XIX of an elegant young gentleman. Today it is used in feminine perfumes, but in synthetic form.

The teardrop in the vase made the Diorissimo perfume famous, created in 1956 by Edmond Roudnitska.

It is often used as a soap scent.


Beginning with the Middle Ages, lily of the valley began to be part of the traditional bouquet of brides, symbolizing modesty and purity.

The wedding of tears marks the 13 years of marriage in French folklore.

In the language of flowers it means "the return of happiness."

The lily of the valley, a flower with contradictory properties (poison, but also the medicinal plant), is a symbol of the right choice, of the different options that life, love and death, or of love and hate offer.

The message sent to someone sends the message that you wish him luck in love or that you want to make the right choice.

Since 1982, it is the national flower of Finland.

Many Frenchmen in the French region bought it on May 1st. This tradition of the May 1st lily of the valley seems to date back to the Renaissance, when Charles IX offered it to his entourage in 1561 as a porte-bonheur. The lilac blooms in spring, so it is an ideal plant to celebrate spring, the beautiful days to come and to attract beneficial forces for future harvests.

Since May 1, lilacs have been offered in France, Switzerland, Andorra, Belgium, as a "porte-bonheur" and because it naturally has 13 flowers.

Only from the beginning of the century. XX will be associated with Labor Day, which itself dates from 1889.

The sale of lily of the valley on the streets of Nantes began around 1932, with the establishment of the "de la fête du lait de mai" (May milk festival) by Aimé Delrue. It spread throughout France around 1936 with the advent of paid leave.

Let's not forget that Vasile Alecsandri titled a volume of his poems Doine şi lăcrimioare.


Leave the meat cut into pieces overnight in this marinade. Drain the marinade the next day, fry the meat in oil, then add the marinade (+ soy sauce) and boil a little more.

It can be served with lettuce and pasta or with sticks heated in a pan, sprinkled with grated cheese and then put the meat.

May 1st worker - Recipes

Shortly after the end of the American Civil War, people in several cities demanded a reduction in working hours from ten to eight hours. A law to this effect has been passed in only a few states. On May 1, 1886, a strike was organized in Chicago by the Federation of Trade Unions of the United States and Canada. More than 40,000 people came out to demand the introduction of the stipulation: “8 hours to be the legal working day.” The peaceful protest began over several days of violent clashes between protesters and law enforcement.

Labor Day was officially recognized in 1889 by the First International Socialist Congress in Paris to commemorate the struggle between the union and the forces of the state of Chicago. The Trade Union Federation will renounce May Day and the name of Labor Day in the 20th century for several reasons: it referred to violent events between unions and authorities, but the main reason was the rise of the communist current in the world that embraced it. a holiday that suited the promoted discourse.

In the USA, the holiday dedicated to workers is commemorated at the beginning of September.

In the rest of the world, the holiday was instituted in many states, being celebrated mainly on May 1 or on the first Monday in May. There are also countries where Labor Day has turned into Labor Week, such as South Africa. In China it lasts for three days.

In our country, the holiday has been temporarily commemorated since the time of Carol I, but the event was assimilated by Romanian culture during the communist period. The Soviets gladly embraced the holiday as "opposed to American capitalist philosophy" and imposed it on the USSR and the Eastern Communist bloc. In Romania during the communist period, propaganda events of the regime took place with large-scale demonstrations in the streets and stadiums. After December 1989, the holiday remained in the collective mind, but the demonstrations were abandoned and the preference for green grass was preferred.

Your voice: May 1 hardworking, children's version

May Day had gathered us in my mother's yard at the traditional barbecue. The sun was shining in the sky, the music was cheering the atmosphere, the guests were having a great time. From time to time her mother glanced at the children playing in the grass, among the dandelions and beetles.

Where do children disappear when they disappear?

At one point, he noticed that my son, who was about three and a half years old at the time, had disappeared. He thought he had retired to the jasmine bush to pee. Not by a long shot. He found it a quarter of an hour later in the corner of the house, where the old plaster was beginning to deteriorate. My little one was struggling to scrape the cement off the wall. He already had some chopsticks, pebbles, a bowl of water and small pieces of "stolen" plaster from my mother's house. "What are you doing here, Ionut?" his mother asked, astonished beyond measure.
"I am building a bigger and more beautiful house for your mother than yours. I want to surprise him. " the child replied, proudly in his voice.

May 1 in the woods

The following year I made my plans ahead of time, and the sun gladly accepted. It was hot in the middle of summer, even in the woods, where my friends and I were trying to relax. A neighbor's little girl was playing with my boy. I used to take her with me wherever I went, because her mother rarely allowed herself to take her for a walk because of the service she had. I heard them arguing and asked them why they were doing it.

My child had jumped into a puddle, and the splashes of mud had soiled the girl's blouse. To reconcile them, I suggested they take off their blouses, tan. Then the idea came to me. What if he made mud boots? I let them stain their feet. They liked it and wanted to make mud blouses. Why not? I smiled, amused. And gloves…

Of course, I allowed them to make any piece of clothing they wanted out of the mud. Back then, people weren't so scared of germs, and the kids had a great time working, even though in the end they needed a brush to clean their dry mud on their bodies.

May in working style

It happened at the end of May, many years ago. I was sitting with a friend over coffee in the kitchen. Although there were only two children next to us (mine and hers), the noise they made gave the impression that we had an entire kindergarten. I sent them to play behind the block. They returned after a few minutes, with amazement on their faces. They had found a treasure. A caterpillar. Green, soft, fluffy. "Mommy, Mommy, the garden is full!" he shouted, delighted.

I gave them a bag and sent them to collect as many as they could. I told them we would knit warm blouses from the caterpillars' fluff. Kneeling in the grass, they sensibly gathered dozens of brightly colored caterpillars. Great was their disappointment when they found out that I was joking and great was my regret that I lied to them. As they released the caterpillars into the grass, they still had in mind the annoyance of having worked in vain, but also the bewilderment caused by my lie.

Play is the work of children

By playing, the child develops various skills, learns about himself and the surrounding nature, imitates children and adults, taking from each what attracts him. Recalling yesterday some funny episodes from my child's life, I realized that the event made him celebrate many times in his life on May 1 in a working style, through serious play.

1 More industrious - Magnificent parades

At the parades, the people were lined up according to the enterprise they worked for and marched in front of the official tribune, from where they were greeted by the representatives of the state party. There was no shortage of time: "Long live the Romanian Communist Party led by its secretary general, comrade Nicolae Ceausescu", "Long live communism, the bright future of all mankind!", "Long live Nicolae Ceausescu, the most beloved son of the people, the founder of the golden age ! ”. "Ceausescu - The Workers", "Ceausescu P.C.R.".

On this occasion, the two comrades - Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu - felt the high esteem and gratitude of the entire Romanian people. After the parades, ordinary Romanians went to a barbecue, participated in celebrations, artistic performances and cultural-educational events. Others prefer to watch TV, because from May 1 they benefit from an extended program from 11.30 to 22.00, instead of 20.00 and 22.00. There is no doubt that TV programs were also dedicated to the beloved leader, songs with patriotic and revolutionary lyrics or promenade music with Army fanfare were broadcast.

May 1st Worker. ARCHIVE PHOTO with the Labor Day during the Ceausescu regime

128 years have passed since May 1 is International Labor Day. And a year less than when we, the Romanians, celebrate it with children and beer, on the green grass, after the obligatory parades.

Under the communist regime, May 1 was more of a party holiday. With obvious manifestations, for a century it has been Workers' Day, nowadays, as the summer season begins on May 1st.

In Romania, this day was celebrated for the first time by the socialist movement in 1890.

If we look at the past, we can say without hesitation that the most Romanian circle had three periods.

Cite & # 537te & # 537i

Labor Day of the Communist Party

The first period is from the moment when we began to visit it, that is, from 1890 and until the establishment of the communist regime, in '45. For 55 years, Labor Day, under Charles I or King Ferdinand, historians say, has meant for the people to become green grasslanders.

Under the communes, May 1 turned into a great celebration of the party. With all her pomp.

The workers were obliged to bring praise to the communist regime, to grand parades, with placards displaying the faces of the leaders.

So & # 539ii Ceau & # 537escu they were received with applause and honors, as a sign of love and appreciation.

Workers received leave, were required to participate in demonstrations. But even, say historians, people prefer to remember the beautiful places of those days.

This is how we came to be in our time, because May 1st has become more like the day of the beginning of the summer season.

Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. Labor Day is a free one for the employee.

It all began 128 years ago, that is, in 1889, when the International Congress of the Socialist International decreed May 1. & ldquolition & # 539ional & # 259 of workers & rdquo.

Behind the decision were violent incidents in a market in Chicago, where tens of thousands of workers demanded a reduction in the working day to 8 hours.

This is the May 1 & # 8220working & # 8221 meal we deliver to your home.

On 1st May we celebrate Romanian tastes even when we stay at home.

The urge to "stay home" is difficult to follow 1st May, because we are all used to going out, cooking outdoors, on the green grass. The year 2020 is different.
We can't cook outdoors, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy and taste the traditional ones May 1 menus. Alex Restaurant comes with specific May 1 products only good to receive at home.

Our Grilled Goodies offer contains:

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The bread you receive in the package is made by us at home every day, fresh and with high quality ingredients.

MAY 1 MESSAGES working. SMS, CONGRATULATIONS and WISHES that can be sent on International Workers' Day

May 1 celebrate or & # 8222 celebrate through work? & # 8222 - May 1 celebration for the working class!

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It may be gold bracelet work, but jewelry is forbidden today!

Those who have nothing better to do take refuge in work, but we have a party to set up!

Keywords of the day: barbecue, forest, free, a little football, and barbecue

I invite you to the event of the year & # 8211 launching the beach season. When? On May 1, of course!

Deadline? I can not hear you! Speak louder! Urgent project? I really can't hear you (and I won't hear you for a few days from now)

More industrious. And tomorrow when I wake up. One thing I'm thinking about & # 8222Let's get to work. Yes, God, let's not hunt & # 8221

If you want to make your May 1 friends smile, you can send them MAY 1 MESSAGES AND GREETINGS. We present you more ideas of MESSAGES AND GREETINGS FROM MAY 1:

Work has never killed anyone & # 8230 but why risk it?

Big, small, tall, thin, blond. For all tastes! How do you go to work today when so many models & # 8230 glasses are waiting for you?

May this holiday help you discover the wonder of a fulfilled life with your loved ones.

What you can do today, don't leave it until tomorrow & # 8230.

In addition to the day of those who work, on May 1st the Romans also celebrate the popularly named Arminden & # 8222day of drunks & # 8221 & # 8230 So quickly take out the grill, I take the beer and the glass and let's celebrate, like tomorrow we work again!

Work is holy so don't touch it!

MESSAGE 1 MAY. May 1st is a holiday

MESSAGE 1 MAY. The service is not a pub to stay all day, nor a church to go on Sundays.

MESSAGE 1 MAY. He who does not work does not make mistakes, and he who does not make mistakes deserves to be promoted.

MESSAGE 1 MAY. Those who have nothing better to do take refuge in work, but we have a party to set up!

MESSAGE 1 MAY. Maximum fun in the mini holiday of May 1st! Gather beautiful memories and relax!

MESSAGE 1 MAY. Keywords of the day: barbecue, forest, free, a small football, and barbecue.

MESSAGE 1 MAY. I look into your eyes and see the waves of the sea & # 8230 I kiss you and I feel the salty taste of the sea & # 8230 You take me in your arms and I feel at the level of 2000 of happiness & # 8230 You tell me that you love me and I feel that my soul is filled with fresh air & # 8230 Let's escape the city! Come on vacation with me!

MESSAGE 1 MAY. I invite you to the event of the year & # 8211 launching the beach season. When? On May 1, of course!

Come to the sea on May 1! What if it rains, our souls are warm enough!

MESSAGE 1 MAY. I have good news for you. You've been FREE since May 1, so quit your job and have fun! That's right, see what committee head you have. P.S. Monday at the first hour to be ready to work!

MESSAGE 1 MAY. May 1, run away from temptations & # 8230 but slowly, catch yourself!

MESSAGE 1 MAY. Work made man & # 8230 but fun didn't kill anyone either.

MESSAGE 1 MAY. 1 More hardworking

And tomorrow when I wake up

MESSAGE 1 MAY. Work is a source of health, so let the sick work.

MESSAGE 1 MAY. Work ennobles man, but our society does not need nobles for fun!

MESSAGE 1 MAY. Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do. (Oscar Wilde)

MESSAGE 1 MAY. I like work, it fascinates me. I can sit and watch her for hours on end. (Jerome K. Jerome)

MESSAGE 1 MAY. Whoever is diligent and works is either stupid or does not think. But a lot of school doesn't require you to be stupid and have strength.

MESSAGE 1 MAY. Whoever is industrious and works has everything he wants.

MAY 1 MESSAGES. I invite you to the event of the year & # 8211 launching the beach season. When? On May 1, of course!

MAY 1 MESSAGES. Those who have nothing better to do take refuge in work, but we have a party to set up

MAY 1 MESSAGES. I have good news for you. You've been FREE since May 1st, so quit your job and have fun! That's right, see what committee head you have. P.S. Monday at the first hour to be ready for work.

MAY 1 MESSAGES. With special partners like you our work is a pleasure. We wish you a pleasant May 1st and a year full of achievements.

MAY 1 MESSAGES. From May 1, the International Labor Day, I wish you a pleasant mini-holiday and a year full of professional achievements.

MAY 1 MESSAGES. Maximum fun in the May 1st mini-holiday! Gather beautiful memories and relax as much as you can!

MAY 1 MESSAGES. What you can do today, don't leave it for tomorrow… leave it until after May 1, as it will either be solved or it doesn't have to be done anymore

MAY 1 MESSAGES. May 1 is a holiday for the working class! That's why I really want to celebrate it!

MAY 1 MESSAGES. Big, small, tall, thin, blond. For all tastes! How do you go to work today when so many models of glasses are waiting for you?

MAY 1 MESSAGES. More hardworking. I'm glad to choke. And tomorrow when I wake up. One thing I think "Let's go to work to work but not find"

Funny May 1st messages. May 1st funny wishes

Work has never killed anyone & # 8230 but why risk it?

All the proletarian pride has flowed into a glass and the revolutionary movement is no longer visible through the barbecue smoke.

Happy Birthday from May 1st, long live our boy & # 8217! The youth appreciate the initiative, a cold beer and the little ones from Cocosatu & # 8217!

When we marched in front of the county headquarters of the Romanian Communist Party, celebrating the working class, we did not think that the iPhone battery would not last us until sunset.

Those who have nothing better to do take refuge in work, but we have a party to set up!

I am sending you this message of unity, from this mioritic plateau, today workers of all races and nationalities celebrate May 1st.

Keywords of the day: barbecue, forest, free, a small football, and barbecue: P.

It is our day, summarized in a refrain. Work is the basis of sustaining the existence and happiness of modern man.

The proletarian mania is found in every glass that the worker drinks in honor of the economic collapse of capital-based societies.

I invite you to the event of the year & # 8211 launching the beach season. When? On May 1, of course!

I will drink and eat until evening and if you don't put enough mustard on my little ones - you will arouse my proletarian rage!

I have good news for you. You've been FREE since May 1st, so quit your job and have fun! That's right, see what committee head you have. P.S. Monday at the first hour to be ready to work!

We have beer for boys and popcorn for girls. We have many proletarian events, I read in Pravda, the tablet edition.

Big, small, tall, thin, blond. For all tastes! How do you go to work today when so many models & # 8230 glasses are waiting for you?

: The Congress of the Socialist International decreed one beer, three small ones and one Happy Birthday for each man.

Happy Birthday on the occasion of International Labor Day! To do:

What you can do today, don't leave it until tomorrow & # 8230 leave it until after May 1, as it either resolves or doesn't need to be done.

It is also a symbol of liberation from the yoke of exploitation and I hope to be able to see the little ones, through the foam of beer!

Besides the day of those who work, on May 1st the Romanians also celebrate the popularly named Arminden & # 8222day of drunks & # 8221 & # 8230 So quickly take out the grill, I take the beer and the glass and let's celebrate, because tomorrow we will work again!

Work is holy so don't touch it!

Capitalist oppression is in full swing. We were attacked miserably: they increased the price of grilled meat!

May 1 Workers - the history of the humiliation of a people

International Labor Day has its origins in the protest movements of some American workers who campaigned for the shortening of the working day from 12-14 hours to eight hours. In the memory of today's Romanians, it is a symbol "pushed" between two memories: Ceausescu's rallies and the first bath in the sea. adevarul.ro offers you a short walk through recent history, when May 1st was "mandatory".

International Labor Day has its origins in the protest movements of some American workers who campaigned for the shortening of the working day from 12-14 hours to 8 hours. In May 1886, Chicago workers joined a 65,000-strong strike in Heymarket Square. Police crackdowns have left 11 dead and nearly 200 injured. The event has become, over time, a milestone and a tool to unite socialist movements around the world that campaigned for workers' rights.

The Second Socialist International decided to honor the memory of those shot in Haymarket Square by organizing, on May 1, 1890, the largest protest against labor exploitation. This is how May 1 became what it is today.

In the twentieth century, as communist ideology gained ground, May Day was associated with workers' victory over exploiters. And the Nazi movement tried to claim the May Day holiday, Adolf Hitler promising, in one of his speeches, to build a national socialism, at the center of which were no longer the workers, but the Aryan considered a prototype of those who work. Coincidentally, Hitler's death was announced on May 1, 1945. 66 years later, another great enemy of mankind, Osama bin Laden, came to an end. On May 1, 2011, Barack Obama, the president of the United States, announced the assassination of the al-Qaeda leader.

In Romania, May 1 was celebrated for the first time in 1890. It was called the "Day of Solidarity of Workers". However, the holiday became a major event only after the establishment of the Bolshevik regime, with the help of the Red Army. The online photo library of Romanian communism preserves memorable images from the commemorations of May 1 in the years of atrocious Stalinism, when Romania was ruled by Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, but also in the Ceausescu era.

Workers' parades paralyzed cities. Their posters announced the overcoming of production schedules. The people on the job wrote on the posters that they would "get over the plan" next year. During this time, the protipendada was taking place at Snagov Palace. In a series of photographs from 1965, we see how the Ceausescu family organized festive meals with hundreds of guests, which seemed to foreshadow the New Year's Eve at Romexpo.

After 1990, the May Day holiday was "thrown in the trash of history," along with all the symbols reminiscent of half a century under communism. May 1, 1990 was an ordinary day of campaigning for the parliamentary and presidential elections to be held on May 20, 1990. It was also a new day in the "University Square" phenomenon. Romania was too busy with politics to remember that May 1st is, in fact, Labor Day. In time, the Romanians remembered the interwar traditions and made May 1 the day of the first bath in the sea.

How the people of Cluj had fun on May 1st

The memories of the May 1st holiday before 1989 are intertwined with regrets after the time "when each factory had a folk ensemble and a sports team", "when you ate and drank for 100 lei if you didn't have a job" and when "all the world had a job. " Tiberiu Dimeni, a former dancer in the folk ensemble of the Heavy Equipment Factory, told how the people of Cluj had fun at that time.

How the people of Hunedoara celebrated in the time of Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej

The archives of the Hunedoara plant have preserved a series of rare photographs from 1958 to 1960, when the communist leader Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej was in charge of the country. The images show the way in which the manifestations dedicated to "Labor Day" took place in the old center of Hunedoara. It shows the face of a world forgotten and almost impossible to imagine by more and more of the people from Hunedoara who did not catch those times.

Drobet Turnu Severin: day off and occasion of joy

During the communist period, in Drobeta-Turnu-Severin, May Day was officially celebrated. Many remember this holiday as a day off and an occasion for country joy. Employees from the Shipyard, from the Wagon Plant, the Wood Processing Plant, the Cellulose and Paper Plant, etc. everyone is participating in this event. They marched, slogans were shouted with Ceausescu and PCR, there was no group that did not have a painting with Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu, the bigger the better. The workers were identified by overalls, each with its own color.

Bucharest: no one was allowed to miss the parade

During the communist period, for all the people of Bucharest, 1 Mai meant slogans of praise brought to Nicolae Ceauşescu, huge banners raised and hours of standing in the sun for hours. There was no question of a possible deviation from the rule or the absence of anyone, because the threats and sanctions were appropriate. Everything in the name of the Romanian people and comrade Nicolae Ceausescu. This is how May 1 was working before December 1989.

"There was no point in complaining because you were immediately considered an enemy of the regime."

Communist regimes sought to politically implement an old tradition of the international labor movement. Calarasi was no exception to this rule either. The working people were mobilized to the last to participate in the celebration led by Party cadres. You were not allowed to miss it because you were immediately blacklisted. There was no excuse, everyone had to be present. The parades were prepared long before, boring rehearsals were done, and sometimes we would end up unable to stand on our feet because of the heat. There was no point in complaining because you were immediately considered an enemy of the regime ", says Aurelia Popa (62 years old), retired.

Sibiu: parade with allegorical carts, small in Dumbrava, bonuses for working people

The nostalgics of the Golden Age still remember the grandiose May 1 parades organized in Sibiu during the communist period. The floats of the enterprises paraded in front of the official tribune located in front of the Bulevard hotel, and at the end of the parade everyone went to Dumbrava for a portion of small and beer in the middle of nature.

Arad: the working people were not absent from the parades

The International Labor Day was celebrated before 1989, both by the people of the county and by the municipality. There was no employee who was not present on the streets at the parade on May 1. The mayors of the county sat on a specially arranged stage and watched as tens of thousands of people passed in front of them singing and chanting slogans. People remember that the parades were prepared in Arad a few weeks before.

Tulcea:tablouri cu marii conducători în mână

Sărbătoarea comunistă scotea muncitorii în stradă, la defilare prin faţa şefilor regimului comunist. Cu tablouri ale membrilor Comitetului Central în baloane colorate sau cu câte un drapel mai mic sau mai mare în mână, muncitorii din Tulcea ieşeau la defilare în centrul municipiului, pe strada Isaccei. De pe o scenă situată la înălţime, muncitorii care aveau onoarea să defileze erau salutaţi de oamenii „importanţi“ ai oraşului:secretarii de partid, directori, şefi de instituţii.

Focşani:sărbătoare cu mult fast, aşteptată de tot poporul

În vremea regimului comunist, Ziua de 1 Mai era una aşteptată cu sufletul la gură de tot poporul, mai ales că era considerată o zi a sărbătorii marcată prin mult fast. Propagandistic, sărbătoarea era pregătită cu mult timp în presa locală, care prezenta pe largi coloane, în cinstea Zilei de 1 Mai, un „însufleţitor raport muncitoresc”. Paradele prin care era ovaţionat mult iubitul conducător, spectacolele artiştilor amatori şi ieşirile la iarbă verde cu familia erau principalele distracţii din acea perioadă.

Braşov:copiii care îi dădeau flori lui Ceauşescu, duşi la analize pentru a nu-l îmbolnăvi

Vizita lui Nicolae Ceauşescu din 1967 de la Braşov a fost o manifestare grandioasă. Muncitorii de la Steagu Roşu şi Tractorul au defilat cu tractoarele şi camioanele prin tot oraşul. Zeci de mii de oameni au fost instruiţi pentru ca vizita conducătorului să fie una de succes. Sunt braşoveni care şi acum îşi amintesc pregătirile de defilare. Oamenilor li s-a spus cum să se îmbrace, iar muncitorii au fost duşi la frizerie ca să arată bine la defilare. Copiii care îi dădeau flori lui Ceauşescu erau supuşi mai multor analize pentru a nu-l îmbolnăvi.

Ploieşti:trezirea pe cântece revoluţionare, defilare, mici la Păuleşti şi Bucov

În anii de glorie ai regimului, când restricţiile erau „îndulcite“ de alimentarele încă pline, ziua de 1 Mai era o sărbătoare grandioasă la Ploieşti. Trezirea se dădea la radio şi tv pe versurile celebrului „1 Mai muncitoresc“. Ziua de 1 Mai a cunoscut două perioade distincte la Ploieşti, în Epoca de Aur. Până în 1970, serbările erau grandioase, cu defilări pe bulevard şi parade la care participau mii de oameni. Mai târziu, în ultimii ani ai regimului, ploieştenii primeau doar două zile libere pe care o petreceau la pădure, cu mici şi bere. Fondul sonor, în ambele cazuri, era „1 Mai muncitoresc“, un cântec rulat obsesiv, întreaga zi, la radio.

Timişoara:cum a fost primul ”1 Mai Muncitoresc”

Primul "1 mai muncitoresc" din Banat s-a desfăşurat într-un loc preferat şi acum de timişoreni pentru ieşiri la iarbă verde. "La Timişoara, ziua oamenilor muncii de pretutindeni a fost sărbătorită pentru prima oară la 1 mai 1890, pe terenul de iarbă din faţa Muzeului Satului. Au fost discursuri, întreceri sportive, oamenii au venit la picnic cu familiile. Unii patroni au decis chiar să ofere bonusuri angajaţilor", a spus istoricul Ioan Haţegan. Cu mult înainte de preluarea sărbătorii de către regimul comunist şi transformarea acesteia în vehicul de propagandă, oamenii muncii din Timişoara organizau evenimente şi ieşeau la picnic pentru a-şi sărbători ziua.

Constanţa:1 Mai, sărbătorit tovărăşeşte prin muncă

Pancarte, lozinci însufleţitoare, bannere, steaguri tricolore, steaguri roşii PCR cu secera şi ciocanul, tablouri uriaşe cu Tovarăşul şi Tovarăşa – toate făceau parte din arsenalul de la defilarea la care trebuia să participe românii, „entuziaşti“, în fiecare oraş. Întâiul Mai muncitoresc era o sărbătoare populară pe care comuniştii o încorsetarseră în cadrul oficial. Pentru ziua oamenilor muncii, chiar oamenii muncii erau dislocaţi de la serviciu pentru a participa la pregătirea marelui eveniment.

La acest articol au contribuit:Remus Florescu, Corina Macavei, Mădălina Mihalache, Ionel Stănilă, Ramona Găină, Claudia Untaru, Claudia Petraru, Ştefan Borcea, Simona Suciu, Dana Mihai, Vali Silaghi, Sinziana Ionescu, Daniel Guţă

1 Mai muncitoresc, 1 Mai sărbătoresc. Cum se distrau românii în comunism: „Micii nu aveau aditivi, iar noi eram fericiţi pentru că nu ştiam cum este să trăim viaţa şi altfel!”

„Micii nu aveau aditivi, în rest era o mizerie bolşevică, dar noi eram fericiţi pentru că nu ştiam cum este să trăim viaţa şi altfel”, își amintește cum sărbătorea un pensionar român ziua de 1 Mai în comunism.

&bdquoMicii nu aveau aditivi, în rest era o mizerie bolşevică, dar noi eram fericiţi pentru că nu ştiam cum este să trăim viaţa şi altfel&rdquo, își amintește cum sărbătorea un român, acum ajuns la vârsta pensionării, ziua de 1 Mai în comunism.

Revenind la &bdquovremurile postmoderne&rdquo, românii anului 2017 au luat cu asalt litoralul Mării Negre, iar iubitorii de munte s-au îndreptat către destinații ca Sinaia, Predeal și Brașov. &bdquoMinivacanța&rdquo îi va prinde pe mulți la vecinii noștri, bulgari și turci. Tot liberi, dar cu portofelul mai gol, mulți conaționali de-ai noștri se vor mulțumi cu o ieșire la iarbă verde, în fum de grătărel și mici și sete domolită cu bere. Toate astea dacă vremea va fi îngăduitoare și dacă codul galben de vânt și vijelii anunțat de meteorologi nu va intra în vigoare.

Însă, cum se distrau românii de 1 Mai, Ziua Internațională a Muncii, în comunism?

Gustul distracției de altădată în fotografii

Să uităm de parade, cultul personalității, cuplul dictatorial, vizitele în uzine și fabrici, și să redescoperim &bdquogustul distracției&rdquo de altădată. După ce oamenii muncii &bdquoîşi arătau adeziunea&rdquo faţă de Partidul Comunist, mergeau obligatoriu la manifestații cu drapeleși cu lozinci, venea și vremea de &bdquohodină&rdquo și &bdquocrăpelniță&rdquo. Românii luau parte la petreceri câmpeneşti cu bere şi mici.

&bdquoDe 1 Mai se făcea curăţenie mare în grădini, în stradă, în tot satul, şi în 2 Mai, se împodobeau carele, boii cu crengi de salcie şi flori, ne urcam toată familia în car cu merinde şi plecam la pădure unde era tot satul, şi se făceau grătare, mici, se bea şi se dansa. Se organizau meciuri de fotbal şi alte jocuri. Tradiţional era meciul femeilor. Jucau tinerele cu vârstnicele&rdquo, rememorează o româncă.

În preajma zilei de 1 Mai, cât şi cu ocazia zilei de 23 august, românii își amintesc că magazinele erau mai aprovizionate cu alimente decât în restul anului. &bdquoO jumătate de pâine pe zi, un litru de ulei şi un kilogram de zahăr pe lună&rdquo era o rație nerespectată în aceste zile, căci în galantare se găsea nițel &bdquocărniță&rdquo, ba chiar și produse foarte rare, precum sucuri.

&bdquoFiecare ieşea la iarbă verde pe unde putea. Erau celebrii &lsquoadidaşi&rsquo, ciolanele de porc. Când erau asemenea manifestări mai dădeau un pic drumul la mâncare, ca să nu înjure oamenii la demonstraţii, dar în general era cam foamete. Încercau să mai liniştească lumea&rdquo, a povestit ziaristul Virgil Lazăr, într-un interviu de acum câțiva ani.

&bdquoToate-au fost la vremea lor ceva exagerat, anii au trecut în șir. &rdquo

Atunci, ca și acum, dacă nu ajungeai la Marea Neagră, te puteai &bdquorăsfăța&rdquo la ștranduri, căci în jurul marilor oraşe au apărut locuri de agrement deschise publicului larg. De exemplu, în împrejurimile Galațiului, oraș puternic industrializat, atracțiile erau plajele Brateş şi Cocuţa, lacul Partidului sau Pădurea Gârboavele.

Pentru a ajunge în aceste locuri de agrement, nu era chiar atât de simplu, căci se trecea Dunărea cu bacul. Adeseori, numărul petrecăreților era atât de mare, încât la Cocuța, de exemplu, ajungeau între 5.000 şi 10.000 de oameni de 1 Mai. Mulți aveau adusă mâncare de acasă, dar dădeau iama și în tonetele cu sucuri şi bere sau grătarele cu mici. De asemenea, turiștii puteau face plajă, ba chiar canotaj. Într-un cadru plin de restricții culinare, 1 Mai devenea o sărbătoare a mâncării.

&bdquoOdată, de 1 Mai, aveam 12 ani şi deşi liber, l-am sculat pe bietul tata la 5.00 să mergem la defilare. Îmi plăcea să văd sportivii, Armata mai aproape şi apoi să mănânc crenvurşti cu muştar&rdquo, poveștește un român nostagic.

Avengers de 1 Mai muncitoresc

Am fost să văd Avengersul nou. Nu am decât un singur comentariu:


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Moarte regizorilor. Io am stat blocat in scaun vreo 3 min, la final si am plecat mecanic. Nici scene after credits nu am vazut.

da… se termină extrem de ciudat, în coadă de pește… de fapt ăsta e episodul 1, ca să vină lumea să dea banii și pe episodul 2 la anul pe vremea asta.

Un film cu toți grămadă la un loc, o ciorbă de monstruleți. S-au stricat, părerea mea.

Valar morgulis much? Era inevitabil să moară lumile. Mai ales că mor contractele.

Pentru cei care stim comics-urile a fost chiar foarte fain realizat. Au trecut peste niste bariere destul de dubioase date de licentiere in a adapta povestea. Sunt chiar curios cum o sa adapteze partea a 2a tinand cont ca le lipsesc niste personaje foarte importante si au omorat vreo 2-3 si ‘episodul’ asta. Adica ok ca power level Captain Marvel suplineste de a dispartu dar nu ma asteptam sa isi omoare mastermind-ul (Strange) Time to wait and see…

Ahh si oricum it’s a comic book based movie :)) Desi sunt un comics fan destul de vechi (pre MCU) ma duc la popcorn si cola si cam atat fara pretentii de mare realizare cinematografica de la un film de genul.

Spoilers mai jos:
Dupa ultimele cuvinte a lui Strange si after credits scene presimt un mare deus ex via Captain Marvel in urmatorul avengers.

Nu înțeleg de unde are lumea bani pentru filme, restaurante, excursii…

Iar face un miliard de dolari incasari.

Deja e o vaca de muls mult prea evidenta. Il astept pe filelist. In ultimele filme cu supereroi pur si simplu nu s-a mai intamplat nimic, doar alearga ca prostii de colo colo pana se termina filmu.

Pai asa mi se par. Acum cativa ani gen infinity stones alea ar fi fost niste chestii misterioase si te intrebai vreo sapte filme ce cacat sunt alea, acum “there they are! chuck them in there and fuck off”.

mda. tesaractul ala era o imensa sursa de energie, care facea si dregea. acum e o pietricica pe o manusa

Teseractul ala era in ochii oamenilor… filmu se bazeaza pe „mereu e cineva mai smecher ca tine”.

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