Home sprats

Ingredients for making homemade sprats

  1. Sprat (or capelin) 1 kilogram
  2. Onion husk 2 handfuls
  3. Salt 1 tablespoon
  4. Sugar 1 teaspoon
  5. Purified water 1 cup
  6. Tea black strong 1 teaspoon
  7. Vegetable oil 1 cup
  8. Laurel leaf 7 pieces
  9. 2-5 black peppercorns
  • Main IngredientsAnchovy, Sugar, Tea
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Glass (capacity 250 milliliters) - 2 pieces, Teaspoon, Table spoon, Stove, Kettle, Kitchen knife, Cutting board - 2 pieces, Colander, Deep bowl, Oven, Non-stick baking dish with high sides (capacity 28 by 19 centimeters) , Kitchen gloves, whisk, bowl, plate

Cooking home-made sprats:

Step 1: make tea.

First of all, we heat purified water in a teapot. Then pour the right amount of black tea into a glass, fill it with boiling water, cover the dishes with a saucer and leave them in such a state to brew on 20-25 minutes or until use.

Step 2: prepare the fish.

Then put the sprat in the sink and carefully rinse it under a thin stream of cold running water. Then, in turn, we gutted each fish from the insides and, if desired, removed their heads, tail, and also dorsal fins, although very often these parts are left.
After that, send the carcasses into a deep colander, rinse again, leave it in this form on 5-7 minutesso that the glass is excess liquid, and transfer to a deep bowl. Sprinkle the sprat with salt, sugar and mix with clean hands, so that grains are stuck around the carcasses from all sides.

Step 3: prepare the fill.

Then turn on the oven and preheat it up to 150 degrees Celsius. Pour vegetable oil and brewed tea into a small bowl. Whisk these products lightly with a whisk until a smooth consistency and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: bring the dish to full readiness.

We spread washed onion husks, a bay leaf and peppercorns on the bottom of a small non-stick form or baking sheet. On top of the spices, we distribute the sprats in an even dense layer, in total from a kilogram you will get about 1-2 rows.

After this, pour the pre-prepared tea-oil mixture into the mold, it should slightly cover the fish, but not be higher than its level! We put the dishes with the still raw dish in the preheated oven and cook the sprats for 1.5 hours. During this time, the sprat will be browned, and all the liquid will practically evaporate, only vegetable oil will remain.

Then turn off the oven, put on the kitchen gloves, rearrange the form on a cutting board, previously laid on the countertop, and leave the fish to cool to room temperature.
Then we act as desired. Are you going to eat sprats later? We transfer them to a clean, preferably sterilized or boiled water-dried dish: a plastic container, a glass jar or an enameled bowl, and send it to the refrigerator. The finished dish can be stored in it. from 3 to 7 days, then it slightly loses its taste.
Tasting a fragrant miracle right away? We spread the fish on a beautiful plate, decorate with sprigs of parsley, slices of lemon or lime, pour the remaining oil after baking and serve to the table.

Step 5: serve homemade sprats.

Sprats are placed on a dish or plate and served at room temperature or chilled as a snack. In principle, the serving depends on your desire, you can make sandwiches, add such a fish to the salad, use it as a filling for pizza, pies, puffs, fresh baskets. In any case, it is very tasty, fresh and healthy. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- the remaining oil from the sprat can be used to prepare a yeast or fresh dough;

- very often chopped garlic cloves are laid between layers of fish and sprinkled with chopped parsley, cilantro or dill;

- a baking sheet or baking dish can be covered with aluminum food foil or baking paper;

- so that the sprats had a smoked flavor, you need to add 1 teaspoon of liquid smoke to the fill, in such a small amount it is almost harmless.