Reinterpreted bite

First, wash the potatoes and boil them.

When the fork enters the potatoes, they are cooked.

Let the potatoes cool a little and peel them.

While the potatoes are boiling, we take care of the meat.

In a bowl, mix finely chopped onion, meat, parsley.

Season the mixture.

Cut the potatoes into rounds.

Take a ceramic bowl or whatever you have, grease it with butter.

Put a layer of potatoes around, then the meat.

Put the rest of the potato slices in the meat.

Mix the sour cream with the egg and pour over the ingredients in the bowl.

Put the dish in the oven heated to 170 degrees C, until lightly browned.

The other egg is lightly mixed with a pinch of salt.

When the potatoes are browned, take the bowl out of the oven, put the grated cheese and the beaten egg on top.

Bake for another 5-7 minutes.

Serve hot or cold as desired.

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The month of Romanian gastronomy in restaurants. Bucharest, May 24 & # 8211 June 23, 2017

In close connection with the National Congress of Gastronomy and Wine, starting with May 24, our magazine and Social City Food and Wine have initiated campaign to promote Romanian gastronomy in restaurants. For a month, from May 24, lovers of traditional cuisine and tourists who visit us and want to taste a piece of Romania can try local dishes, more or less reinterpreted, prepared and communicated as in honor of Congress, along with a selection of quality Romanian wines. We enjoyed the opening of the chefs and restaurant owners who came up with ideas designed especially for the campaign, so that, so far, the 20 partner restaurants (see list below, being updated) have prepared as they knew best. The greedy will be able to taste (foreign) old folk recipes, but also others that have been forgotten, many updated or in combinations between Romanian cuisine with international cuisines, fish dishes and & # 8220historical cakes ”with stories behind.

Example? From goat soup with tarragon to foie gras with incense jelly and from lamb and meat garnish to papanasi with pike caviar and sorrel sauce (yes, yes!). But also cakes like Regina Maria with apricot kernel and Carmen Sylva, decorated with a Romanian coffee belt, up to the ice cream cage (also a cage). And the like.

Below is a selection of menus:
As we are already in the summer season, we start with the beautiful Cherhana Ancora, which awaits us with the green terrace, Herăstrău lake in front and a seafood menu, beautifully presented by Chef Florin Ivan. Especially for Congress, he prepared a delicious one Black sea turkey with creamy garlic sauce, spinach, parsnip puree, baby beets and candied tomatoes. Another proposal & # 8211 fresh rapane, as you can't find much in many places in Bucharest, I'm making you think of the sea with hot peppers, garlic and white wine sauce, just good to go with a well-chilled wine.

Chef Dumitru Bucșă and our dear teammates Winestone, Novotel's wine bar, prepared the Congress menu with three plates on offer and a glass of wine included. For starters, we recommend the tasty fish soup, and as a main course, Mangalita muscle with pleurotus mushroom stew and baked potato. And what could be worse if a plateau with mititei, Mangalița & amp Pleşcoi sausages, with pickles, baked potato and mustard? She goes great with a Black Girl.

Ana Consulea, pastry chef at Zexe Braserie, one of the most beloved confectioners in Bucharest, is waiting for you with a long-distance menu: 3 dishes and 4 historical cakes, modernly reinterpreted. "Wonderful" goat soup with tarragon, foie gras with dried fruit insert, accompanied by spicy jam and incense jelly, mutton broth in Shiraz sauce, potatoes with rosemary and lettuce they are delicious starters, and the cakes, in addition to the great taste, also have interesting stories. About Carmen Sylva, for example, we find out that it was first made for queen Elizabeth on his 50th birthday. Carol I asked the confectioner of the Royal House to make a dessert with what she liked best, coffee and chocolate, so they made two options. Ana uses both of them in a cake decorated with a beautiful belt, because the queen was a great lover of Romanian dress.
& # 8211 Queen Maria is based on a table with almonds, topped with apricot kernels, decorated with dried fruit, representing the crown with precious stones of Queen Maria. Ana beautifully reinterprets it on the cake top with almonds with Ivory chocolate cream, Madagascar vanilla, and apricot and pomegranate insert.
There are two other proposals George Enescu with cocoa top, Grand Marnier and candied and orange pieces Take Ionescu with almond and cocoa top, pistachio cream and chocolate cream, both originally made for the personalities mentioned.

Newer gastro wine bar La Vinuri, the first 100% Romanian wine bar, owned by Cristian Preotu, recently opened near the Romanian Athenaeum, is also ready for guests with three great traditional dishes: a salad & # 8211 eggplant foam, just good to spread on fresh and warm homemade bread, a lamb as in grandparents and delicious monk sackcloth.

And restaurants Thal, for many years partners in the Vinul.Ro campaigns, have been preparing for the Gastronomy Month with three tasty “populars”: a large plateau & # 8220de Pleşcoi ” (600 g.) With pastrami, smoked and spicy sausages, polenta and pickles, a spicy pan with a mix of chicken, beef, pork, onions and hot peppers with a garnish of Romanian potatoes, and as an easier option, trout with polenta. A meal in one of Thali's green gardens is a good idea if you want a relaxing atmosphere and good value for money.

The Royal Winery there was no shortage of gastronomy moon partner restaurants and we would like to thank the manager in love with Romanian cuisine, Emil Manea, which has always been involved in our initiatives. He specially prepared three beloved dishes of traditional cuisine: a great deal of tuslama with beef belly, horseradish and garlic, o beef tongue with leeks and olives and a tasty mutton pastrami in the pan. Our colleague, Alina Miron & # 8211 hobbybucatar.ro & amp fotohoreca.ro & # 8211 the one who did the photo session and tasted them, guarantees that they are very good!

Our talented and dear Vasi Nicolae, chef at Lulu’s Social Bistro, pulls out some sleeves, especially for our campaign, two classics reinterpreted and beautiful and tasty. We ate from him several times, he always delighted us, so try them with confidence. It's about some papanas really different, with pike caviar and sorrel sauce (photo above, in the opening image of this article) and a tasty one chicken ciulama with mushrooms and leurd.

Corks Cozy Bar it is next to us with its chic, colorful terrace and one of the most varied and good wine selections in the city. Gastronomy Month dishes are appetizing tender pork tenderloin in parmesan crust with mustard, potato garnish and delicious red wine sauce and, because we're talking about a wine bar, you can't miss the plateau Romanian cheeses and sausages, always good companions to wines.

The Muse Bistro, the wand of another talented young chef, Silviu Furdui, puts on plates three unexpectedly reinterpreted dishes both in appearance and taste: the popular snack of generations of Romanians in summer: cheese (bellows here), with ripe tomatoes and basil in a unique presentation. He is joined by a beef cheeks with mashed potatoes in duck lard and sauce (with no less than 11 spices) & # 8211 the most consistent plate here, a “mirror” recipe of his experience. And, poetically, sitting on a glass plate on the piano, the preparation below is a reinterpretation, what do you think, of Moldovan pirates: from the area of ​​local cheeses, urda delicately crowns the idea of ​​modern ravioli in hot burnt butter sauce, whose taste is reminiscent of summer sunsets.

La Bordei Restaurant, for whose menu the owners say have been documented from ancient recipes, dating back to Dacian times, brings to attention dishes prepared in the spirit of tradition. We tried them, they are very tasty! And here we have:
garnish meat "Like the Dacians", made of pork breast and leg, with garlic sauce, millet polenta and baked cheese
duck "as in Argedava" & # 8211 from candied fat duck leg, country, on a bed of pickled curries (red cabbage), with polenta and hot peppers. We find out that it is cooked in a Roman dish, well greased with wine. Imagine how the juices and duck fat drain between the cabbage strips and what taste they give it!
And the language of Perched cow & # 8220ca in Sucidava ”, with celery and carrots, it is made according to a recipe kept in the land of Corabia, the former Sucidava, the old capital of the Dacian tribe of Suci. Boiled with celery and carrots, left a little towards the end in the wood oven, she only asks for a carafe of Romanian wine!

We know that it doesn't sound cheerful, but if we go over the connotation, it can be enjoyed simply as a dessert and it's really good. Not many people do it at home anymore and even in the city there is not much of it, maybe that's why Mahala restaurant it is the most demanded way. We are not talking about any cage, but one with ice cream from the cage, in profiterole donut, with vanilla sauce. If you're still here, give it a try candied duck leg with poultry (polenta with milk). You don't really have a place to eat something like this in Bucharest, and we don't know how many of the young people or tourists know what it is. But it's good!

Even the Serbian restaurant Taverna Sârbului has prepared two very appetizing Romanians (see below for a suggestive photo): homemade beans with sausages and pork steak on cabbage. To be enjoyed next to Rose Black Label and Feteasca Neagră & amp Cabernet Sauvignon, Horses from Letea Limited Edition from Via Viticola winery & # 8211 Sarica Niculițel.

With good contemporary cuisine and a very passionate young chef, Andrei, the bistro Deli 33, he also recently joined our campaign and promises that you will have something to enjoy. Varieties in vine leaves with urda and baked polenta sound a little different and interesting, right? They go sprinkled with a Riesling. And we find a good bite in too few places. Let's try it differently here next to a Merlot, Mirachi from Histria Winery.

Searched words "new-potatoes-with-sour cream"

Peel a squash, grate it and boil it for 15 minutes, then put it in cold water and peel it.

Wash the mushrooms and leave them to stand in cold water. Peel and wash the vegetables and greens, then chop the onion scales and put it

If the potatoes are new, they are cleaned by scraping under running water. It is cut into not very small pieces, and the small ones are no longer

Peel, wash and slice both the carrot and the parsnip and put them to boil in salted water. Add the peeled onion.

Put the new potatoes in a bowl with cold or warm water, grate them thinly, wash well and drain. Bigger potatoes

Chicken breast: We wash the chicken breast, dab it with a kitchen napkin and beat it a little with a hammer, but not very

Wash the potatoes well and cut them into 4 or 2 if they are smaller. Boil them in salted water. The moment they boiled

I started by moisturizing the pepper for an hour in water. Then I "treated" the salmon with a special spice mixture for the fish and I got it

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