5 Kitchen Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier this Holiday Season

Who knew how important these tools would be for holiday entertaining?

Don’t forget to keep these tools in your entertaining arsenal for a quality holiday party.

If entertaining were a sport, the holidays would be the championship games. To help you survive the holiday season, we enlisted the help of chef Drew Erickson from Passerelle Bistro in Greenville, SC. To help you cook for a crowd with ease, he suggests stocking your kitchen with these five gadgets:

A Quality Chef's Knife:

A high-quality chef's or utility knife is the most fundamental kitchen tool. Knife cuts, presentation, ease of preparation, and quality of the dish all rely on a study, sharp knife that you feel comfortable using.

Food Processor:

You can quickly make sauces, dough, condiments, and various other food preparations easily, and with only one appliance. The attachments also make it valuable for other applications.


Having a zester gives you the ability to incorporate citrus zest and juice to fortify your dishes. It's also functional as a cheese grater for hard cheeses, and some herbs and spices.

Meat Thermometer:

This takes the guesswork out of cooking meats to the proper temperature. With information easily available online and in cookbooks, someone who is not confident gauging the doneness of protein can decide when their steak, roast, or poultry product is ready to serve.

Plating Spoons:

Using plating spoons gives you control over what you are presenting. You don't run the risk of breaking or damaging the food you have worked so hard to make like you do if you use tongs.