Ingredients for making sandsha

  1. Curd with fat content of 9% 400 grams
  2. Sugar 0.5 cup
  3. Dark chocolate 30 grams
  4. Vanilla on the tip of a knife
  5. Coconut flakes to taste
  6. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  7. Almonds peeled to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Cottage Cheese, Cocoa and Chocolate, Sugar
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Blender, Deep bowl, Tablespoon, Strainer, Small bowl - 3 pieces, Wooden spatula, Frying pan, Kitchen stove, Small pan, Kitchen gloves, Baking paper, Baking tray, Refrigerator, Serving dish, Knife, Cutting board, Saucer

Cooking Sandesh:

Step 1: prepare the cottage cheese.

Pour the cottage cheese into a sieve and, using a tablespoon, grind it directly into a small free bowl. Attention: this must be done especially if the curd is grainy.

250 grams from the total mass, transfer to a separate bowl and pour sugar here. Using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture is formed.

Now the most important thing is that we need to fry the cottage cheese. To do this, put the pan on a small fire and heat it. Important: the container should be hot enough, but not hot. Immediately after this, pour the curd mixture with sugar into it. Constantly stirring with a wooden spatula, simmer the mass for 6-10 minutes. During this time, it will become liquid, and then again begins to thicken. As soon as this happens and the curd mass begins to lag behind the bottom of the pan, turn off the burner, and set the container aside. Attention: In no case do not overdo the curd, otherwise the sandwich can turn out to be very dry and tasteless.

Now put the finished sugar-curd mixture in a bowl with fresh cottage cheese and add vanilla on the tip of the knife. Mix everything thoroughly with a tablespoon and leave it aside for a while.

Step 2: prepare the chocolate chip cookies.

With clean hands, break the chocolate chip cookies into small pieces and put them into the blender bowl. At medium speed, grind the component to the state of crumbs. Immediately after this, pour the crushed cookies into a deep bowl.

Step 3: prepare the mixture for sprinkling.

Pour coconut into the bowl with crushed cookies and, using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Step 4: prepare the chocolate.

We spread dark chocolate on a cutting board and, using a knife or just clean hands, break it into pieces. The crushed component is transferred to a small bowl.

In the meantime, put on a medium heat a small pot with plain cold water to melt the chocolate pieces in a water bath. Attention: there should be little liquid so that it does not touch the bowl with the component. So, when the water boils, put a container with the ingredient on top of the pan and reduce the heat. Holding the bowl with kitchen tacks, constantly stir the pieces of chocolate with a wooden spatula. The component should melt and become liquid. As soon as this happens, turn off the burner, and set the bowl aside.

Step 5: prepare the sandwich.

We separate half from the total curd mass and transfer it to a free bowl. We also add liquid chocolate here and mix everything thoroughly with a tablespoon.

Now cover the baking sheet with baking paper.

We spread 1/2 of the chocolate curd mass on its surface with an even layer, using a wooden spatula. The layer should be rectangular. We spread the white curd mixture on top and also level it with improvised inventory. In the end, cover everything again with a chocolate layer and wrap it in baking paper. Put the dessert in the refrigerator to infuse for 1 hour.

After the allotted time, we get it out of there and carefully deploy. Thoroughly sprinkle the surface of the sand with a mixture of cookies and coconut. Then we cover everything with a new piece of baking paper and carefully turn the dish over to the other side. We repeat the procedure from the beginning: remove the parchment and sprinkle another surface of the dessert with the remaining mixture.
Now, using a sharp knife, cut the curd cake into portioned pieces in the form of rectangles or squares. Again, roll the sand from all sides in powder and decorate the surface of the dessert with almonds if desired.

Step 6: serve the sandsh.

We put the finished dessert on a special flat dish and serve it with a tea or coffee at the sweet table. In general, sandesh is an Indian delicacy that turns out to be very tasty due to the stewing of cottage cheese. You can enjoy it just like that without washing down with any drink.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- For the preparation of sandesh it is best to use fat cottage cheese. It’s great if it is a homemade product;

- any ingredients can be used as a sprinkle. For example, it can be chopped nuts, waffles, or regular shortbread cookies;

- the curd mass can be put in special small tins for muffins and make an already prepared portioned dessert.