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Adyghe cheese pie

Ingredients for making Adyghe cheese pie

  1. Puff pastry 1 pack (800 grams)
  2. Adyghe cheese 300-400 grams
  3. Chicken egg 2 pieces
  4. Sour cream 3-4 tablespoons
  5. Dill 1 bunch (small)
  6. Parsley 1 bunch (small)
  7. Salt to taste and desire
  8. Ground black pepper to taste
  9. Butter 30 grams
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Cheese, Sour Cream, Puff Pastry
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Oven, Non-stick baking tray or heat-resistant baking dish, Kitchen knife - 2 pieces, Cutting board - 2 pieces, Deep bowl, Grater, Tablespoon, Table fork, Bowl, Baking brush, Kitchen gloves, Dish

Cooking Adyghe cheese pie:

Step 1: prepare the dough, oven and mold.

In 1.5-2 hours before cooking, lay out the puff pastry on the kitchen table. When it unfrosts, preheat the oven to 200-220 degrees Celsius and grease the heat-resistant form or non-stick pan with a thin layer of butter.

Step 2: prepare the filling.

Then we wash a couple of bundles of greens under cold running water and shake off excess liquid from the sink over it. After that, put it on a cutting board, with a sharp kitchen knife, finely chop it and transfer it to a deep bowl.
We grind it there by hand or rub Adyghe cheese on a fine or medium grater. Add sour cream, one chicken egg, to taste salt and black pepper. Carefully rub these products with a tablespoon to a uniform consistency - the filling is ready!

Step 3: make a cake.

Further on the kitchen table very carefully unfold the full-length puff pastry and divide it into 2 equal parts. We send one layer to the prepared form or baking sheet and align it with your fingers so that there are no bumps.

We spread the filling on top of it, spreading it with a tablespoon in an even layer on the surface of the dough. Then we cover it with the second layer of the semi-finished flour product and pinch the edges on the sides so that there are no cracks.

Next, we make on the surface of the still raw cake cuts with a knife or punctures with a table fork. Now the air accumulating inside the product will calmly come out and the baking will not swell.
After that, slightly beat the chicken egg in a small bowl, using a baking brush, grease the upper layer of dough with it and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: bake the cake.

We put the form or baking sheet in a preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. After the required time has passed, we put on kitchen gloves in our hands, rearrange the browned pastries on a cutting board, previously laid on the kitchen table, and cool the finished product to room temperature. Then we cut the pie into portions, arrange them on plates and serve to the table.

Step 5: serve the Adyghe cheese pie.

Adyghe cheese pie is served warm or chilled as an appetizer or main course.

If desired, each serving is supplemented with cream, sour cream or tender sauces. Also, with this dish you can serve a salad of fresh vegetables. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- butter can be replaced with margarine or completely dispense with them and just cover the forum or baking sheet with a sheet of baking paper;

- you can add any spices to the filling that are used for dishes from cottage cheese or vegetables: paprika, allspice, coriander and many others;

- sometimes a set of greens is supplemented with cilantro and green onions.