Biscuits with jam and coconut

Turn on the oven to heat.

Mix the butter with the sugar and a pinch of salt with a spoon. Add the yolks and lemon essence and mix well. Add coconut and flour and knead the dough until it becomes non-sticky. Fill the biscuit press with the dough, then form the biscuits, pressing twice on the press, directly in the tray (you need a non-stick tray) or on the tray greased with oil and lined with baking paper (if a biscuit does not come out, take from the tray and wipe with a dry napkin the place where it sat, then try to form another). Do this until the dough is finished. Put the tray in the oven until the biscuits are nicely browned.

After the biscuits have cooled, grease them with plum jam and stick two of the same kind. Leave it to set for an hour or two, then break the chocolate, put it in a saucepan with a tablespoon of milk and put it on the fire, chewing continuously until it melts. Dip one cookie at a time (only half) in chocolate, then pass through the coconut.

If the chocolate hardens in the meantime, moisten with a little more milk and heat again.

Biscuit, banana and coconut balls - recipe


Method of preparation

Put the biscuits through the food processor or through the mincer.

If you do not have any of these devices, break the biscuits into pieces, put them in a bag and crush them with a rolling pin.

Pour the ground biscuits into a large bowl.

Bananas must be well cooked to use in this recipe.

Peel a squash, grate it and put it on a flat plate. With a fork, start passing them from one end to the other, one at a time.

Pass them until they become puree. If you want to feel their taste more accentuated in the balls, you can also leave a few whole pieces.

Place the mashed bananas over the ground biscuits. Mix with a spoon, then with your hands.

You need to get a hull tied, soft as plasticine.

From the dough obtained, take a piece and shape it into balls or candies.

Finish the coconut balls to give them a more elegant look.

Put the balls in the fridge and let them cool for at least an hour. They will harden better and become more fragrant and sweeter.

They are an excellent snack between meals. They can also be taken as a package. Children can serve them instead of candy, chips or other unhealthy snacks from the market.

They are surprisingly good for a recipe with three common ingredients.


Instead of biscuits you can use ground oatmeal (or other cereals).

The balls can be given at the end with cocoa powder or carobs instead of coconut, or with various seeds (sesame, chia, hemp).

Other ingredients can be added to the composition, such as ground nuts or hazelnuts, for extra protein, raisins, cranberries, etc.

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Pieces with jam

I like to browse notebooks and recipe books and whenever I catch one in my hand, I also prepare my sheet and pen to write down new recipes. That's how I came up with the new recipe for pieces with jam, a recipe from a cook's notebook, a Hungarian recipe that I tried on several occasions and each time I had some pieces with jam very delicious.

I recommend using a jam with a stronger consistency, such as quince or jam.

created pie or chip pie

Roll with jam and walnuts

I made the roll with jam because I like the idea of ​​quick straightening in the first place. Someone tasted it and asked me what kind of cream it is, he didn't realize it was jam. I also like the roll with creams as complicated as possible, but if it is prepared by someone else. If I prepare it myself, it's as if I feel like rolling the jam. : D I have an excuse too, I'm a man: P

bravo, others don't know how to throw an egg in the pan. ))

:)) while I spread the jam on the roll sheet like a real master. : D

no matter everyone cooks to their liking.
it's also normal to choose a quick filling, and I would do the same, but when I personally can't associate the walnut with the quince jam, at most the plum / magiun jam.
by the way, the mixture of magiun with ground walnuts is perfect for tender croissants)

I would have liked more details about rolling sheets, when I do it cracks

There would not be many other details related to the rolling of the roll sheet. I roll the roll sheet as soon as I take it out of the oven and I have never encountered any major problems. Sometimes there is a small crack, but nothing serious.

thanks for the recipe! it's the perfect recipe for a roll! have a good day!

With pleasure Raluka! I'll make a chocolate roll soon, so stay tuned)

Hi, but doesn't it break when you do?

Hi! If you follow what I wrote in the recipe, then I don't think you will have any problem with this roll :)

Is the vanilla essence absolutely mandatory? :)

:) No, you can make the roll with any kind of essence you prefer. In other words, it wouldn't be a great tragedy even if you didn't put the essence at all. It depends on you, only that the roll will be more fragrant if you use the essence.

It's something I didn't quite understand. after you take the top out of the oven, place it on the wet baking paper / towel, add the filling and only then roll it?

Yes, Stefania, I roll the roll immediately after I spread the jam and walnut filling evenly.

I always made this roll with cocoa, and I filled it with cream bought for vanilla cakes. after all a chocolate icing .. super fast!
-but ..I rolled the roll without cream in the towel then I opened it-0 and I added that flour cream -no break! not even a small one.
increase in cooking
katia (me and my precious tips)

:) Katia, never spoil some tips, especially if they are valuable. I like that you simplify the recipes worse than I do, but still, this time, wasn't it easier if you spread the cream at first? Anyway, you have a big plus for courage, I see that you were not at all afraid to roll the roll sheet twice: D

Well, honestly I kind of found all kinds of ideas on the net and that's how I knew that it runs first in the wet towel, of course it softens and it's as easy as possible to do 2 operations ..:) katia

Another super easy recipe to make, but special. Thank you again and I will keep you informed of all the goodies I will steal from you. I made the homemade apricot jam roll, of course, it doesn't compare to the ones I bought, I decorated it with whipped cream and some chocolate decorations. I recommend with all confidence)

Cristina, if you also used homemade whipped cream (ie sour cream), then it means that your roll was great. I think whipped cream makes it less dry than my walnut does.

I filled it with apple jam made by me and the only problem was that. I kind of fried my fingers. :( when I rolled the sheet, but it passed me the magic moment. when I enjoyed it and mine didn't stop with the praises / compliments. So, I remain of the opinion that your blog is great! Oops. forgot to praise you and thank you only in thought :) Adriana)

:) The blog would have been great if I wrote in the recipe that we should take care of our fingers, so you wouldn't burn them anymore. So it also has leaks, but I remember I mentioned this in burnt sugar cream. So there you will surely have no problems: D

And I've been making this roll for a long time, only I put chopped walnuts in the jam and powder it with powdered sugar on the outside.

I think your version is simpler, you do not bother at all to wallpaper it with walnuts. As I don't think I would complicate the recipe too much, next time I will follow your advice and I will try to put some chopped walnuts in the filling jam)

Classic rolled, fast and tasty. The filling variants can be innumerable, depending on our culinary fantasies. The oily paper thing. I didn't know: thank you for the secret. Now I have finished the second roll, the first with quince and walnut jam, the second with lemon cream, my boy eats the roll only with lemon cream, covered with icing. The secret of the fluffy sheet ... do you want to know? Want ? You do not want ? ! Want ? Good. I'll tell you :)) SO, 5 eggs, 5 sugar, 5 flour, 5 tablespoons water: p cold water. Being from Transylvania ... this roll is part of my childhood, I had forgotten about it .. thank you because through your blog you reminded me of the roll. Anyway, you visit your blog regularly, from here I am inspired by tomorrow's menu :)) in fact tomorrow I make a chicken stuffed with a garnish of potatoes and parsley .. I am inspired by tomorrow for the day after .. THANK YOU for existing, your humor and passion to make this blog even more valuable. Signed & quotcornulete powder & # 39

I try and want to reveal all these secrets every time, but often I don't give them importance. And some I have the impression that they are well known and that I would just bore the world by mentioning them and lengthening the recipe too much :) Thank you for sharing the secret of the fluffy sheet, although you did it against my will :)) I expect you to share and other secrets related to recipes from Transylvania, my Dobrogea is so far away.

Rum and coconut balls

Rum and walnut balls, rolled in coconut. Frogs can also be modeled from this composition. These bombs with rum, raisins and nuts are a simple and tasty dessert. For the same Integra event I did for muffins with coconut and pineapple, those with chocolate and raisins and lemonade I also made these rum balls, especially for adults. They were very appetizing and much appreciated.

These rum balls can be made from the edges of cakes (countertops) syruped with rum or fresh fruit juice. They can be filled with a little surprise consisting of a cherry from compote, walnut kernels or whole almonds. I know people make them from cookies but they are much finer than pandispan. In other words, you can also use biscuits.

Here's how I made cherry bombs out of cherries & # 8211 recipe here.

From the ingredients below we obtained 40 balls with rum (bombs). Instead of the homemade top, you can use approx. 700 g quality biscuits (with cocoa).

Ingredients for the coconut roll biscuit recipe

  • Cocoa leaf
  • -250g simple biscuits
  • -50g old powder
  • -40g cocoa
  • -150-200ml milk
  • -10ml esenta rom
  • Cream
  • -150 ml coconut milk
  • -100g soft butter
  • -100g coconut flakes
  • -20g old powder
  • decoration
  • -coconut flakes

How do we prepare the cookie roll recipe with coconut cream?

The preparation method is extremely simple. For the beginning, grind the biscuits as finely as possible or grind them and put them in a bowl.

Over them add powdered sugar, cocoa powder and mix very well.

We will pour the milk little by little, mixing well until we get a homogeneous dough, but not very soft.

The amount of milk varies depending on the type of biscuits we use, some absorb more milk and others less. At the end we add the rum essence.

In order to obtain a uniform sheet, we will proceed as follows: we take a piece of plastic foil and spread it on a flat surface, on this we will put the dough obtained earlier, and on top of it we will spread another piece of foil.

We will pass over it with the facalet and push until we obtain a uniform sheet with a thickness of 0.5 cm.

If it is easier for you, you can use a larger bag in which you will put the dough and you will do the same, using the facalet.

At the end with a pair of scissors you will cut the top of the bag.

Over our cookie sheet we spread a uniform layer of coconut cream that we obtained by mixing all the ingredients listed above.

After we spread the coconut cream we start to run lightly, as tight as possible.

While rolling, sprinkle the coconut flakes, we will get a wonderful roll.

At the end we wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for at least 3 hours, it must be quite cold at the time of portioning, so we will get some very well defined rounds.

For the cream it is good to look for the coconut as fine and as small as possible, the roll will be cut much better.

I hope you find this recipe useful, it is a very simple dessert but effective and with an extraordinary taste.

The recipe and the pictures belong to him Oana Branescu, blog contributor Good appetite, recipes with Gina Bradea.

Coconut cake (II)

The composition for was:
300 gr of flour is rubbed with 150 gr. lard, add 2 egg yolks, 100 g sugar, 1 baking powder, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 1 pinch of salt and sour cream as the dough.
If I make 2 sheets.
Spread a sheet in the tray and place the next one on top of it

6 egg whites beat hard foam with 200 gr. sugar and add 200 gr. coconut neck.
Place the second sheet on top and place in the oven.
After baking, take out the cake and let it cool well.
Meanwhile we prepare creams that come on top as follows:

Rub 6 yolks with 5 tablespoons of flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 3 sachets of vanilla sugar and gradually add 500 ml of milk. Boil until it thickens. Let this composition cool and in the meantime rub 250 gr butter (Cube frame) with 200 gr. sugar.

When the yolk composition has cooled, add the rubbed butter to it and mix well until everything is homogenous.

Place the cream on top of the cooled cake and garnish with cocoa or grated chocolate. Leave it to cool for about half an hour after which it can be served.

9 Homemade cookie recipes

9 homemade cookie recipes that every mom should know! Why? Because all, or almost all children love sweets and sweet snacks, every child rejoices when he finds a little sweet surprise in the school package and, why not, we adults enjoy something sweet in the casserole from lunch to the office.

Why 9 cookie recipes?
✓ We know exactly what ingredients we used and we can easily control the amount of sugar
✓ biscuits of any kind keep very well for up to 2 weeks or even longer in hermetically sealed jars, so we prepare them on a weekend when we have more free time and we always have them at hand
✓ Homemade sweets are always better for the little ones than the bought ones
✓ we can prepare biscuits with the family, for beautiful moments spent together
✓ perfect for breakfast with a glass of cold milk, as a sweet snack for extra energy between meals, perfect for travel and long trips, hikes and family picnics

1. MONEY WITH RASPBERRY JAM - a recipe inherited from Buni, probably the simplest homemade biscuits and yet so flavorful and loved by everyone!

2. COOKIES WITH CONDENSED MILK AND CHOCOLATE the cooking time is somewhere at a maximum of 10 minutes and baking is fast, so in 30 minutes since you started the recipe, you already have them on the table. Shall I tell you that they are to the taste of the little ones? It goes without saying. That they are full of chocolate and therefore to the taste of mothers? And that goes without saying!

3. BISCUITS FOR CHILDREN - very colorful and full of candies, they can't help but be loved by the little ones and the big ones alike!

4. NUTS WITH WALNUT - from the quantities in the recipe, enough croissants come out for the whole family, but don't worry, it can be kept for up to 3 weeks in hermetically sealed jars or casseroles! Walnut croissants are tender because they have a butter-based dough, they are easy to make because the nut is put in the dough, the dough is easy to shape and it is a great activity to do with the dwarfs.

5. COOKIES WITH PUMPKIN AND CHOCOLATE these are some of the most flavorful cookies I have ever made! If you don't have much time for cooking, this is the perfect recipe for you: the dough itself can be frozen for 2-3 weeks, and when you have more time to bake the biscuits, thaw it and it's ready to use!

6. COCOA BISCUITS - if the little ones like Oreo cookies, know that these cocoa cookies are a kind of homemade Oreo!

7. LINZER BISCUITS & # 8211 Linzer biscuits are good to make with dwarfs, for several reasons: they have hazelnuts that are not only super healthy, but must be blended and dwarfs love that! Then he has to stretch with the twister - one of Luca's favorite activities and then cut the biscuits into shapes. Then comes the nice part, in which they play with powdered sugar and sift it over the biscuit and then stick the biscuits with jam… what don't they like? Ground nut / hazelnut dough and raspberry jam or any other sour jam… what don't we moms like?

8. VENETIAN BISCUITS & # 8211 S-shaped or circle-shaped Venetian biscuits, specific to Venice in general and Burano Island in particular. Burano Island, famous for its fishermen's houses, each of a different color, for the production of Burano lace but also for Bussolai, biscuits with butter and lemon peel, so crispy and delicious! From the quantities below, 60 pieces of biscuits come out, which can be kept for up to a month in hermetically sealed jars! In addition, you can make the dough in time - it lasts up to a week in the fridge and 3-4 weeks in the freezer!

9. FURSECURI NON PLUS ULTRA - tender biscuits with butter, stick two by two with sour jam and garnish each with a word of meringue. Non plus Ultra cookies are a real explosion of flavors and textures and you must try them!

Cocoa and coconut muffins

Cocoa and coconut muffins is a simple muffin recipe, tasty and not at all difficult to prepare. The combination is delicious!
I used the cup unit. A cup is the equivalent of a 200 ml cup, but each ingredient weighs differently. A cup of sugar will be much heavier than a cup of coconut.
If you need a quick dessert, either for the little ones or for the big ones, try it cocoa and coconut muffins.

& # 8211 top: 1 egg, 100 g butter, 4 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons oil, 1 vanilla powder, 1 sachet of starch, one sachet of baking powder, 1 pinch of salt, 200 g flour
& # 8211 cream: a small box of nutella
& # 8211 decoration: 1 yolk, 1 teaspoon milk, 1 teaspoon nes, sesame seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts or coconut flakes

Melt the butter and mix with the egg, sugar, oil, vanilla powder, a little salt, starch powder and baking powder quenched with a little lemon juice. When they are homogenized, add flour in the rain. The resulting dough should be slightly soft. Refrigerate for 1 hour.
After the passage of time, the dough is spread on the counter in a thin sheet, about 3-4 mm and cut into the desired shapes. From 1 yolk, a teaspoon of milk and a teaspoon of nes form a mixture with which to decorate (grease) half of the biscuits formed. Put in the oven, suitable heat 10-15 min. Remove and leave to cool.
Combine the decorated biscuits with the undecorated ones using nutella cream. Put the cream on the edge of the biscuits and then pass through the slightly fried sesame seeds or coconut flakes. You can also use plain ground and fried walnuts.

Try this video recipe too

15 recipes for cookies and cookies for Christmas

Click on the photo / video for the recipe! I am also waiting for you on my youtube channel, if my posts are useful to you. Don't forget to activate your notifications by clicking on the bell on the right!

1. Christmas cookies with mascarpone: 1 recipe, 5 variants

We created these Christmas Cookies with mascarpone with in mind the elegant cookie boxes from abroad. A few years in a row I decided to do it myself: they are all so beautifully packaged! With such a festive air, the ideal culinary gift!

Yes, you read that right: here are 5 different types of cookies from the same recipe! Does it seem incredible to you? Read on: the basic recipe has only 3 (three) ingredients. Simple, accessible to anyone, found everywhere.

2. Fresh croissants with walnuts and vanilla

Vanillekipferl, or tender croissants with walnuts and vanilla, are delicious cookies of German origin, which are prepared especially for Christmas. They are made very easily and quickly. Not to mention how tender and tasty they are!

3. Fresh croissants with cherries!

The most famous croissants from my childhood were the ones with Turkish shit and plum magiun. When I was growing up, I discovered how tasty the cherry variants are ... and I seemed to like them the most! Aaaaa, and I also replaced the traditional osânza with good quality butter. Honestly, I prefer them that way and I can say with all my heart that we have reached the perfect option for us!

And now that the winter holidays are knocking at our door and we are looking for festive recipes, I say that this dessert is perfect!

4. Linzer cookies with orange jam

These Linzer Cookies with orange jam were a mark of our winter holidays. Not for Christmas, but for New Year's Eve. I know that butter cookies and Linzer cookies are made especially for Christmas. In our country, however, they did not take place then. And not because I made too many sweets, but because it happened!

5. Biscuits with butter, nuts and cinnamon

We felt very good preparing these Biscuits with butter, nuts and cinnamon and we entered the festive atmosphere. We decided that our biscuits are perfect for the plate of sweets for Santa Claus, which we will place under the Christmas tree, next to a glass of milk. Let's see what came out!

6. Fresh cookies with butter filled with jam

With these tender butter cookies filled with jam, I think I can declare the winter season of biscuits closed! Not for nothing, but this year seems to have been their year: I baked most cookies and cookies in all the years since I opened this virtual house. And I think this can be seen well on the blog: biscuits and cookies of all kinds are good in their category and are waiting for you to try them!

7. Biscuits with butter and vanilla

In terms of "sweets" he wins the biscuits with butter and vanilla. And this for two reasons: they are very fragile and have vanilla, my son's favorite flavor, lately.

8. Homemade Oreo biscuits with mascarpone cream

Knowing that I have a child at home who does not eat cakes, is not a fan of creams and cakes, but still wanting to buy all the "wonders" that are advertised on TV, I kept looking for solutions. I had a lot of ideas, recipes as well. What I didn't have were the special punches that would make them look more "professional", because, isn't it, the children are extremely receptive to this aspect!

9. Young dough dumplings with cottage cheese

It's like Christmas without tender croissants made of cow's cheese dough! And to be honest to the end, ever since I tried my new punches on some biscuits, I told myself that I can't help but make croissants. Especially since I have been postponing them for a long time, and I have bought cow's cheese countless times for this purpose… and in vain! Obviously I didn't give up and I still ticked this sweet on the list. I just wasn't going to let this idea linger in my mind for another Christmas!

10.Christmas cookies with coconut

The recipe is not complicated at all, and is really versatile. I used coconut butter there, which I had just prepared (so very fresh), but you can also replace it with regular butter. And if I still took it on the slope of the rooster, I used coconut sugar in this recipe, which gave the cookies a special flavor and a beautiful brown color). You can also replace it with regular sugar. And if you want to get some cookies as "tanned" as mine, then do not forget to add a teaspoon of cocoa in the composition.

11. Bspit tender with cottage cheese

An EXCEPTIONALLY good recipe, which I marked in my soul with the promise to remake it whenever I want a sweet treat that melts IN MY MOUTH! Literally! And fragrant! And phenomenal! And… ..you will see if you try it!

12. Walnut baskets

I can't say that I kept many ideas and recipes from home in the kitchen, but I rediscovered the old cast iron form for baskets and I remembered some cakes-cookies that we eat with pleasure as children: walnut baskets .

13.Christmas cookies with chocolate

We have gladly prepared these for you (and for us) Christmas cookies with chocolate. It is orange. And ginger. And spices. And more and more, you will see in the recipe below!

14.Cookies with wine

Almost every year, in the cold period, cookies are in great demand at our home. We are no exception this year either, especially since it is a great joy for me and junior to play a little with the icing sugar on cookies. I don't know if I told you, but the junior really likes to draw and help me prepare cookies. So we didn't deprive him of that joy and we got to work. We were delighted with the result and we will switch back to homemade chocolate, definitely white ... and definitely with vanilla!

15. Rochers cookies

Let me tell you in a few words why these Bulgarians are so special! First of all, because they are inspired by my precious card with recipes that are over 100 years old, from Casa Capsa (from which I also took the recipes for my girlfriends Ernestines and Eureka). Then they contain almonds, my favorites… and which many people love as much as I do! And last but not least because they are sweet and delicious, says Darius!

Video: Marokkanische Kokos Marmelade Kekse Gâteau (October 2021).