Dessert martyrs filled with walnuts

Dissolve the yeast with a little milk and leave it to rise for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, sift the flour, add the sugar and salt, mix, make a hole and add a little beaten eggs, melted and cooled butter, yeast and gradually add the milk.

Knead until you get a homogeneous and non-sticky dough, cover with cling film and let the slug rise until it doubles in volume.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling - in a bowl mix the walnuts with the sugar, orange peel and essence, gradually add the milk until a dense and homogeneous composition results.

We divide the dough into 8 equal pieces that we will shape a little, we cover them with food foil while we prepare martyrs.

We spread each ball with the rolling pin in the form of a roll, add the walnut and roll it carefully to form a roll.

Bring the ends together forming a circle, then we will form an 8, place in the tray lined with baking paper.

Cover them with cling film and leave them to rise for 15 minutes.

Grease them with beaten egg with a little milk and bake for about 20-25 minutes.

let them cool to room temperature.

Meanwhile, make the syrup in a kettle, add the ingredients and put it on the fire, since it boils, let it boil for about 5 minutes, then remove the lemon peel.

Let it cool a bit for 2 minutes, then soak the chilled martyrs for a few seconds on each side, place them on a grill.

Grease them with honey and sprinkle with ground walnuts.

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