Cupcake Ingredients

  1. Wheat flour 2.5 cups
  2. Sugar 2 cups
  3. 4 eggs
  4. Sour cream 200 grams
  5. Butter or margarine 100 grams and 20 grams for greasing the pan
  6. Cocoa Powder 2 Tbsp
  7. Baking powder for dough 2 teaspoons
  8. Vanillin on the tip of a knife
  • Main Ingredients Sour Cream, Flour, Cocoa and Chocolate
  • Serving 10 Servings


Slow cooker, Mixer, Deep bowl, Strainer, Turk, Kitchen stove, Kitchen gloves, Middle bowl - 2 pieces, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Toothpick, Serving dish, Knife, Cutting board

Cooking Cupcake:

Step 1: prepare the flour mixture.

Pour flour and baking powder into the sieve for the dough and sift the components directly into the medium bowl, stirring with a tablespoon. Attention: this must be done in order to make the dough more airy and tender and it does not come across lumps of flour.

Step 2: prepare the butter.

We spread the butter on a cutting board and use a knife to cut into small pieces.

Then put the chopped component in the turk and put the container on medium heat. Constantly stirring with a tablespoon, bring the oil to a liquid state and then turn off the burner.

Step 3: prepare the eggs.

Break all the eggs into a deep bowl. Using a mixer, beat the components at medium speed until a homogeneous foamy mass and temporarily set aside.

Step 4: prepare the dough.

Pour sugar and vanilla on the tip of the knife into a bowl with beaten eggs. Again, beat with a mixer until the sweet ingredient is completely dissolved.
After that, add sour cream in a bowl and slightly whisk everything at low speed until smooth.

Now pour the cooled melted butter into a mass with a thin stream and whisk everything in parallel with a whisk. At the end, pour the flour mixture into small bowls in small portions and carefully beat everything with improvised inventory. You should get a batter of dense consistency.

Step 5: prepare the cupcake.

Divide the dough in half, pouring one part into a free medium bowl. Pour cocoa into one of the containers and mix well with a tablespoon or mixer.
Lubricate the bottom and sides of the pan with a small piece of margarine or butter. Then alternately pour 2 tablespoons of dark dough, and after - 2 tablespoons of light. We continue this until everything is over with us. If desired, you can walk along the surface of the cupcake with a toothpick to get a beautiful picture in the form of a flower. To do this, we move the stick from the center of the baking to the edge, and then in the opposite direction, already between the formed patterns.

We put the pan in the slow cooker, close the lid and set baking mode. Cooking Cupcake Over 45-50 minutes. After the allotted time has passed, a signal will sound, warning us of the readiness of the dish. Open the lid and check the cake with a toothpick, piercing it in the center. If the stick remains dry, then the baking is ready. We are not in a hurry to get it out of the multicooker. Close the appliance with a lid and leave the Zebra to insist for 10 minutes. After that, we get the cupcake and transfer it to a special flat dish for serving.

Step 6: serve the cupcake.

Cupcake "Zebra" from the slow cooker turns out to be airy, tender and very juicy. Such pastries can be served at the dessert table with tea, coffee or milk. The cake flies with a bang, so you can serve it to the guests and be sure that everyone will be satisfied!
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- so that the cupcake does not stick to the bottom of the multicooker pan, you can cover the container with special baking paper. To do this, it is best to cut a circle from it with the same diameter as the capacity of the appliance;

- Attention: be sure to check the cooking time with your slow cooker, as the process can take longer or less depending on the brand of the appliance and its functionality;

- in order to easily get the cupcake out of the multicooker, you can place the steaming bowl in the container and with a light movement, holding everything with your hands, turn the pan upside down.