Chicken in pots with vegetables

Ingredients for cooking chicken in pots with vegetables


  1. Chicken fillet 700 grams
  2. Potato 6 pieces (medium)
  3. Onion 1 piece
  4. Carrot 1 piece (large)
  5. Broccoli 1 head (small)
  6. Salad pepper (red) 1 piece (large)
  7. Fresh tomato 2 pieces (medium)
  8. Purified water 1 liter


  1. Salt to taste
  2. Ground laurel leaf to taste
  3. Ground black pepper to taste
  4. Ground allspice to taste
  • Main Ingredients Broccoli, Potato, Onion, Carrot, Chicken
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World Cuisine


Oven, Stove, Kettle, Measuring cup, Paper kitchen towels, Cutting board - 2 pieces, Kitchen knife - 2 pieces, Deep bowl - 2 pieces, Clay pot with a lid - 6 pieces (capacity 500 milliliters), Kitchen potholders, Plate

Cooking chicken in pots with vegetables:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

First of all, we put on a strong fire a kettle with a liter of purified water and bring it to a boil. We don’t waste time in vain, while the water is warming up, we prepare all the products that will be needed for cooking. We wash the chicken fillet under cold running water, dry it with paper kitchen towels and put it on a cutting board.

Cut the film with cartilage from the meat, cut it into cubes up to 2 - 2.5 centimeters in size and transfer to a deep bowl. Sprinkle the chopped fillet to taste with a ground leaf of laurel and two types of pepper: black and allspice. Leave the cut in this form until use.

Now peel potatoes, carrots and onions. We remove the stalk from lettuce and gutted it from the seeds. We sort broccoli into inflorescences. We wash these vegetables with tomatoes under a stream of cold running water and dry them with paper towels. Then, in turn, lay them on a cutting board and grind. Cut the potatoes into cubes up to 2 centimeters in size.

Carrots - rings up to 5 millimeters thick.

Light pepper - medium strips.

At the tomato we cut off the place on which the stalk was attached, and cut the tomatoes into slices or quarters.

We chop onions in small cubes or thin half rings.

We cut large inflorescences of broccoli into 2 - 3 parts, and leave small ones intact. We shift the prepared vegetables into a deep bowl, season to taste with salt, mix them with clean hands to a homogeneous consistency and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: bake chicken in pots with vegetables.

We divide the meat into six equal portions and arrange them in clay pots. We also act with a vegetable mixture. When the pots are full, pour boiling water from the kettle into a measuring cup, add salt to it to taste and mix it with liquid until crystals are completely dissolved. Then pour salt water into pots, into each approximately 160 - 170 milliliters each, and close them with lids.

After that, put the chicken and vegetables on a medium rack in a cold oven and turn it on 150 degrees celsius, and after a few minutes we increase the temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius. This process is necessary so that the pottery does not burst during heating. Bake a dish 1 hour. After the required time, we put on kitchen gloves, carefully take turns in the pots from the oven and put them on a cutting board, previously laid on the kitchen table. Then proceed as desired, put the fragrant dish on a plate or serve a dish in pots.

Step 3: serve the chicken in pots with vegetables.

Chicken in pots with vegetables is a hearty and delicious dish. It is served hot and served in different ways - on plates or in clay pots. As a complement to this dish, you can offer a salad of fresh vegetables, pickles and bread slices. Food prepared in this way differs from usual in that it has a more pleasant and rich flavor. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- A set of spices can be supplemented with any spices that are used during cooking of vegetables and meat.

- Instead of broccoli, you can use white or cauliflower.

- If desired, for fat content in each pot, you can add vegetable oil (half a teaspoon) or butter (15 grams).

- Very often, tomato paste, cream or fat sour cream is diluted in hot water and the resulting mixture is poured into pots. Instead of water, tomato juice is used.

- Sometimes, 4 to 5 minutes before the dish is fully cooked, remove the lids from the pots and sprinkle the top layer of vegetables with finely chopped hard cheese.

- Before you start cooking, clay pots should be lowered into cold water for 15 minutes so that the pores in the clay absorb moisture. This makes the food more juicy.