Pilaf with ribs

Ingredients for cooking pilaf with ribs

  1. Rice 800 g
  2. Pork ribs 500 g
  3. 2-3 onions
  4. 1-2 carrots
  5. Garlic 1 head
  6. Zira 1 teaspoon or to taste
  7. Spice dill to taste
  8. Ground pepper to taste
  9. Vegetable oil for frying
  10. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Pork, Carrot, Rice


Knife, Saucepan with a lid, Kitchen spatula, Cutting board, Plates, Grater, Teaspoon, Kitchen stove

Cooking pilaf with ribs:

Step 1: Prepare the pork ribs.

We start cooking pilaf with meat preparation. We lay the ribs on a cutting board, remove the grease film, chop with a wide knife across (between the bones) into portioned pieces, rinse thoroughly under running water and wipe with paper kitchen towels or napkins.

We turn on the medium heat on the stove, pour the vegetable oil into the pan and wait for it to warm up. The field of which we lay the ribs, add salt and fry on all sides to a beautiful golden crust.

Step 2: Cut the vegetables.

Pilaf onion is suitable for both ordinary yellow and red, so choose any one to taste. So, we clear it of husks, rinse it under running water, put it on a cutting board and cut it into a small cube or thin half rings.

Peel the carrots from the peel, rinse under running water and chop them either on a grater with large holes, or with a knife into even cubes or medium cubes.

We will put the head of garlic in the pilaf whole, therefore it should be cleaned of excess husk, cut the roots and rinse under running water.

Step 3: Prepare Fig.

Pour rice into a deep plate or bowl and rinse under running water until the water is clear. Then completely drain the liquid from the plate.

Step 4: Cook the pilaf.

We turn on the medium heat on the stove, in the same pan where the ribs were fried, add vegetable oil, put on the burner and lay the onions. Fry it until soft. 2 - 3 minutesstirring occasionally with a kitchen spatula.

Then add the carrots, mix and continue to fry another 2 to 3 minutes.

Now pour the spices, salt, mix, spread the ribs, pour clean water about 4 cups and wait when it boils. Then we reduce the heat to a minimum, add rice, level it with a kitchen spatula, but do not mix. We stick the head of garlic in the center, cover with a lid and cook until fully cooked 30 minutes. The first 20 minutes should not be removed, but in order for steam to escape, the cover can be slightly moved.

We put the finished pilaf on another burner and hold it under the lid 5 to 7 minutes.

Step 5: Serve pilaf with ribs.

Pilaf is served hot. It can immediately be laid out on plates, or you can traditionally pour a slide into a beautiful large dish. In addition to it, you can offer flavored bread or pita bread, as well as decorate with fresh herbs.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Such spices as paprika, cumin, saffron, barberry, turmeric, basil, as well as coriander are very suitable for pilaf.

- Instead of a pan it is better to use a cauldron.

- Pilaf can be cooked with boiled rice, for this, boil the ribs until cooked, fry until golden brown, along with vegetables and spices, and mix with rice.