Mussel soup

Ingredients for Making Mussel Soup

  1. Fresh mussels in shell 2 kg
  2. Fresh dill greens large bunch
  3. 1 medium lemon
  4. Garlic medium sized 3-4 cloves
  5. Olive oil to taste
  • Main Ingredients Mussels and Scallops, Garlic
  • Serving 4 servings


Saucepan with a thick bottom or cauldron for 4 liters, Lid from the pan or cauldron, Deep pan, Saucer - 2 pieces, Cutting board, Knife, Wooden spatula, Kitchen stove, Deep bowl, Medium pan, Kitchen mitts, Deep serve plates, Flat serving plates, teaspoon, scoop

Making mussel soup:

Step 1: prepare the mussels.

Spread the mussels in a deep bowl and rinse thoroughly under running water. We drain the water and set aside for a while.

Step 2: prepare the garlic.

Using a knife, peel the garlic from the husks and rinse slightly under running water. We spread the cloves on a cutting board and chop finely. Shredded component is transferred to a free saucer.

Step 3: prepare the dill.

We wash the dill under running water, shake off excess liquid over the sink and put it on a cutting board. We divide the bunch of greens into two halves and one of them temporarily set aside. Finely chop the second part with a knife and transfer to a deep bowl.

Step 4: prepare the lemon.

We wash the lemon under running water and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, cut the citrus into two halves and transfer them to a clean saucer.

Step 5: Make Mussel Soup

Pour olive oil into a large pot or cauldron so that it completely covers the bottom. We put the container on medium heat. When the oil warms up well, we fasten the burner and put the chopped garlic into the pan. From time to time, stirring everything with a wooden spatula, fry the component until caramel color. After that, put finely chopped dill into the container and mix everything well.

Now we put the mussels in the container, sprinkle the remaining branches of dill on top and cover everything with a lid. Cooking Mussels 20 minutes. During this time, the shells will open and seafood will let the juice. Actually, this liquid will be our kind of soup. After that, open the lid and squeeze the juice from two halves of lemon into the pan. And now we need to separate the soup from the mussels. For this, we do not completely close the container with a lid and, holding everything with kitchen tacks, pour the liquid into the middle pan. That's it, the mussel soup is ready!

Step 6: serve the mussel soup.

In this form we serve mussel soup to the dining table. Already in the presence of guests we pour the liquid with a scoop into deep plates.

On flat plates with a kitchen spoon, spread the mussels in the shell. To taste this unique dish, we repeat the sequence of such actions: with clean hands we tear off part of the shell and put it aside (it will not be useful to us). The second part, together with the mussel, we collect some soup and enjoy the dish. This is an unearthly dish that will captivate everyone not only with its taste, but also with its aroma.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- when serving meals to the dining table, you can also offer guests wet hot towels so that they can wipe their hands every time they open seashells with mussels;

- when serving dishes, guests can also be offered a glass of dry red wine and grilled vegetables;

- For the preparation of soup, you need to use only fresh mussels. Note: without water, such seafood can survive for another three days. In this regard, they can be purchased in advance and even taken from another place.