Beetroot cutlets with chicken and cheese

Ingredients for Cooking Beetroot Chicken and Cheese

  1. Chicken fillet 1 piece (large)
  2. Beets 1 piece (large)
  3. Fresh mushrooms 5 pieces
  4. Grated cheese 50 grams
  5. Bulgarian red pepper 1/2 pieces
  6. Egg 1 piece
  7. Wheat flour 2 tablespoons
  8. Ground pepper 1 teaspoon
  9. Dried basil 1 teaspoon
  10. Provencal herbs 1 teaspoon
  11. Salt 1 pinch
  12. Vegetable oil for frying
  • Main Ingredients: Beets, Chicken, Mushrooms, Cheese
  • Portion 5-6


Frying pan, grater, plate, spoon, spatula, knife for cleaning vegetables.

Cooking beetroot cutlets with chicken and cheese:

Step 1: mix beets with chicken.

Wash, dry and chop the chicken into small cubes.
Peel the beets and grate on a medium grater.
Grate well-washed mushrooms in the same way.
Cut into small cubes half the bell pepper (you can chop it with a blender).
Combine chicken, mushrooms and beets in one plate.

Step 2: add the spices.

Add wheat flour, egg and all spices to vegetables with chicken and mushrooms. Mix very well to make a homogeneous mass, and the spices, flour and egg dispersed.

Step 3: add cheese.

To a well-mixed beetroot mass, add grated cheese and again thoroughly mix everything with a tablespoon.

Step 4: fry beetroot patties with chicken and cheese.

Heat vegetable oil in a pan and spread a mass of beets, chicken and cheese into it with a spoon. Cutlets should not be very large so that they are well-fried from the inside.
Fry until golden brown on both sides. Turn the cutlets for the first time only after they are fully seized, and the bottom side is covered with a blush.

Step 5: serve beetroot patties with chicken and cheese.

Beet cutlets with chicken and cheese should be served hot to the dinner table, select rice or fried / baked potatoes as a side dish, french fries are also great. And if you still have sour cream, then you’ll just lick your fingers. Cook and eat for health!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Instead of chicken, pork pulp can be put in cutlets, it turns out even juicier, but also more boldly, of course.