Herring under a fur coat

Ingredients for cooking herring under a fur coat

  1. Salted herring 1 pc.
  2. Onion 1 pc.
  3. 3-4 carrots
  4. Potato 4 pcs.
  5. Beets 2-3 pcs.
  6. Mayonnaise, salt to taste
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


knife plate

Cooking herring under a fur coat:

Cook vegetables.
Dice the herring fillet into cubes. Cut the onion.
Pass the cooked vegetables through a grater.
Lay out layers in a plate for salad. The first layer will be potatoes. Sprinkle onion on top. Next is a layer of herring. Add mayonnaise. A layer of carrots and a layer of beets. Top with mayonnaise.
Salad ready.