Side dishes

Accordion potato with cheese

Ingredients for making harmonica potatoes with cheese

  1. Potatoes 4-6 pieces (large)
  2. Butter 200 grams
  3. Hard cheese 200 grams
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Ground pepper to taste
  6. Garlic at will
  • Main ingredients: Potato, Cheese, Butter
  • Serving 4 servings


Kitchen knife, cutting board, baking sheet, Chinese sticks.

Cooking accordion potatoes with cheese:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

You will need large potatoes, you need to peel it, and if the skin is thin, you can just rinse it very well. Then you also need to cut the cheese into thin slices and cook the butter, just do not get it in advance, it should be cold.
Salt and pepper are sufficient as spices, but you can add a little grated garlic for taste.

Step 2: chop the potatoes.

Prepared potatoes you need to cut. To do this, put the potatoes between two Chinese chopsticks and make a few cuts with a knife (1/2 centimeter thick), and the chopsticks will help you not to cut the vegetables to the end.
Pepper, salt the potatoes and add the garlic to the cuts.

Step 3: bake an accordion potato with butter.

Insert slices of oil into the cuts of the potato and send the potatoes to bake at a temperature 200 degrees until ready, that is, on 50-60 minutes. Determine readiness with a fork or skewer; potatoes should be easily pierced.

Step 4: bake harmonica potatoes with cheese.

Remove the finished potatoes from the oven. In slices where there were previously slices of butter, insert slices of cheese. Put the accordion potatoes back in the oven 10-12 minutesso that the cheese melts.
Everything! You can serve!

Step 5: serve harmonica potatoes with cheese.

Serve the accordion potato with cheese, pouring sour cream on top and adding fried lard or bacon and greens salad to the side dish. Very simple, very tasty, very cool!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- In order for the potato to turn out beautiful, it is necessary to take large-sized vegetables, but the small potatoes will turn out tasty, just not as spectacular.

- You can cook harmonica potatoes outdoors in a campfire or grill, for this you just need to wrap it in foil and cook as usual. Be sure to try it!