Zucchini rolls with chicken

Ingredients for making zucchini rolls with chicken

  1. Chicken breast 1 piece (boneless and skinless)
  2. Bulgarian pepper 1 piece
  3. Zucchini or zucchini 1 piece (young)
  4. Mozzarella Cheese 1 piece
  5. Tomato paste 1 jar
  6. Onion 1 piece
  7. Garlic 3 cloves
  8. Salt 1 pinch
  9. Ground pepper 1 pinch
  10. Sweet paprika 1 pinch
  11. Water 3/4 cup
  • Main Ingredients: Onion, Pepper, Zucchini, Zucchini, Chicken
  • Serving 2 servings


Baking tray, blender, kitchen knife, knife for cutting vegetables, cling film, toothpicks.

Cooking rolls from zucchini with chicken:

Step 1: chop the zucchini.

If you have a bamboo rug, be sure to use it; if not, do not worry.
Lay a cling film on the countertop, later it will help you gently roll the roll.
Rinse the young zucchini or zucchini, as here, and divide it in half. Set aside one half, and cut the second along thin slices.
Place the zucchini stripes on the cling film as shown in the photo.

Step 2: add the rest of the ingredients.

Cut the chicken breast in thin slices as well, slightly kneading with your hands. Rub poultry with salt, pepper, a wig and crushed garlic.
Place fillet slices on top of zucchini slices.
Then, along one of the long edges, lay pieces of mozzarella and a bell pepper straw.

Step 3: turn everything into a roll.

Start wrapping the roll from the edge where mozzarella and pepper lie.
The cling film easily lags behind the zucchini, so you roll everything up quite easily. And so that it does not fall apart, fasten with toothpicks in several places.

Step 4: prepare the sauce.

Dice the remaining zucchini and pepper, add finely chopped onions to them and fry everything in vegetable oil until soft.

Mix stewed vegetables with a blender with tomato paste and a little water.
If the tomato paste is not salted, add some salt to the sauce.

Step 5: bake rolls of zucchini with chicken.

Transfer the roll from zucchini with chicken to a baking sheet and pour it on the edges with vegetable sauce.
Bake it all in preheated 160-170 degrees oven for 30 minutes.
Thanks to the vegetable sauce, the chicken fillet will turn out incredibly tender and juicy, so you can not worry that the dish will come out dry and tasteless.
Cut the finished roll into several small rolls, remove the toothpicks and serve everything like a hot dish with the remaining sauce and some simple side dish (potatoes or rice).

Step 6: serve the rolls of zucchini with chicken.

Zucchini rolls will not disappoint you with either their appearance or their taste. Although it’s easy to prepare, it’s just amazing. It is worth a try.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can additionally beat off the chicken fillet so that it is even softer and more tender.