Kiwi and Strawberry Popsicles

Ingredients for Making Ice Cream with Kiwi and Strawberry

  1. Kiwi 6 pieces
  2. Strawberry 10 pieces (large)
  • Main ingredients: Kiwi, Strawberry


Blender, kitchen knife, cutting board, ice cream tins, freezer.

Making popsicles with kiwi and strawberries:

Step 1: wash fruits and berries.

Rinse the strawberries and kiwi. At the strawberries, remove the green ponytails, and completely remove the kiwi from the skin.

Step 2: chop fruits and berries.

Cut strawberries into pieces.

Pour the pieces of berries into a blender and chop well to make a homogeneous mass.

Cut the kiwi into pieces and put in a blender bowl.

Grind the fruit to a puree of the desired consistency. If the kiwi is soft, then they can simply be mashed with a fork.

You should have two separate mixes: strawberry and kiwi.

Step 3: put the mixture on the molds.

Arrange the fruit and berry puree in ice cream tins, filling them with layers using a spoon, for example. Alternate layers between each other.

Fill in this way all the ice cream tins to the eyeballs and close them, not forgetting about the sticks.

Step 4: freeze.

Send mashed fruit in the freezer at least 4 hoursbut better all night. During this time, it will just freeze and become an excellent popsicles.
You can remove the ice cream from the tins by lowering them (tins) briefly in hot water.

Step 5: serve popsicles with kiwi and strawberries.

Ice cream with kiwi and strawberries is a real pleasure, do not miss the opportunity and have time to enjoy this dessert.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If for you the ice cream was not sweet enough, then the next time just add sugar while you are whipping fruits in a blender.