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Raspberry wine

Raspberry Wine Ingredients

  1. Raspberries 1 kilogram
  2. Water 1 liter
  3. Sugar 500 grams
  • Main Ingredients Raspberry, Sugar


Fermentation containers, plastic tube, pusher, glass bottle, water seal.

Making Raspberry Wine:

Step 1: Prepare Raspberries

Raspberry berries need to be sorted so that they are all beautiful, ripe, so that there is no rot or mold. But you do not need to wash raspberries.

Crush the prepared raspberries, turning them into a homogenized mass.

Step 2: let the berries roam.

Take a container suitable for fermentation, put the pulp in it (if the container allows, then you can crush the berries directly in it). Add 300 grams sugar and 700 milliliters pure water. Stir, close, installing a water lock, and set the raspberries to roam in a warm place.
Attention: fermentation containers must be filled not more than 70%

Raspberries with sugar should roam for 10 days, while once a day, remove the lid and mix the contents of the container.

Step 3: filter the wine.

Strain the wine to rid it of mash. This can be done using a plastic tube or gauze. Squeeze out the remaining berries and remove them, we will not need raspberries anymore.
Pour the wine into a clean container. Mix 300 milliliters water and 100g sugar and pour it into a bottle with a drink. Close everything with a water lock and leave to roam for another 3 days.
Three days later, pour a little wine, dilute it 100g sugar and pour everything back.
Install a water seal and return the wine to a warm and dark place on 25-60 days. If the wine will ferment for longer than a month, pour it without residue into a clean bottle.

Step 4: leave the wine to ripen.

Fermented raspberry wine pour through a plastic tube into a clean container. Fill the bottle to the top, close it tightly and leave the drink to ripen in a dark and cool place.
If you wish, you can add a little sugar, but in this case, install a water lock on the bottle, because the wine can begin to ferment again.
Ripening wine is needed every 15-20 days pour into a clean bottle without touching the sediment.

Step 5: serve raspberry wine.

Store raspberry wine in tightly closed bottles in a cool place. And serve chilled feasts. This is a very tasty and enjoyable drink. Bright color and with a characteristic taste and aroma. Be sure to try it! Homemade wine is a godsend for culinary specialists.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- The shade of the drink depends on the variety of raspberries. Therefore, it’s okay if your wine is a slightly different color, darker or lighter.