Strawberry and rhubarb jam

Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam Ingredients

  1. Strawberry 320 grams
  2. Rhubarb 100 grams
  3. Sugar 500 grams
  • Main ingredients: Rhubarb, Strawberry, Sugar


Saucepan, ladle, glass jars, wooden spoon.

Making strawberry and rhubarb jam:

Step 1: prepare the strawberries.

Rinse the strawberries by rinsing several times in stagnant cool water. Dry lightly and then remove all green ponytails. If the strawberries are small, you can put them whole on the jam, but divide the large fruits into two or three parts each.

Step 2: prepare rhubarb.

Rinse the stalks of rhubarb properly, remove the skin from them. Cut rhubarb into pieces about 1st centimeter.

Step 3: Sugar.

Pour the prepared strawberries and rhubarb into a deep saucepan, in the same one in which you will then prepare the jam. Sprinkle with sugar and gently shake a little to distribute granulated sugar. Leave it all to insist on about 5:00.
During this time, the berries and rhubarb will produce juice, which should be enough to make jam.

Step 4: cook strawberry and rhubarb jam.

When the berries and rhubarb give juice, transfer the pan with them to the stove. Bring to a boil over medium heat and cook the jam evenly. 5 minutes.
Then pour the hot strawberry and rhubarb jam into the warmed sterilized jars, close tightly with the boiled lids and leave to cool. When the workpiece becomes room temperature, cans with it can be removed to the pantry or cellar for storage.

Step 5: serve strawberry and rhubarb jam.

Serve strawberry and rhubarb jam just like any other. I think that everyone has tried it at least once, and if not yet, it must! It is very tasty, not as sugary-sweet as jam from one strawberry, but just as bright and tasty. And it goes well with everything, anything: with tea, with pancakes, in pies, with an oiled piece of bread.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Sometimes juice or lemon peel is added to strawberry and rhubarb jam for taste and aroma.

- Rhubarb for making jam should be used young, fresh, only plucked from the garden.