Cauliflower Cream Soup

Ingredients for Cooking Cauliflower Cream Soup

For soup

  1. Cauliflower 1 kg
  2. Yolks 2 pieces
  3. Butter 70 grams
  4. Cream 100 grams
  5. Milk 200 grams
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Pepper to taste

For filing

  1. Brynza 30 grams per serving
  • Main Ingredients: Cabbage, Milk, Cheese, Cream
  • Serving 3 servings


Saucepan, blender, tablespoon, kitchen knife, cutting board, colander.

Preparation of cauliflower cream soup:

Step 1: Cook the cauliflower.

Disassemble a head of cabbage for inflorescences, simply cutting them off a thick stem. The largest inflorescences can be divided in half. Then be sure to rinse them and dry them.
Throw cauliflower into boiling salted water and cook for 10 minutes. Then throw in a colander, draining the water in which the cabbage inflorescences were boiled.

Step 2: Cooking the Soup.

Melt the butter in a free pan, dilute it 2 glasses water. Warm the oil with water for 5 minutesand then drop the cauliflower inflorescences there.
Pour milk into a saucepan, mix everything and continue cooking over medium heat for another 5-7 minutes.

Reduce the heat to a minimum, add the yolks and cream and proceed immediately to the next step.

Step 3: Grind the soup with a blender.

Take a blender and very carefully (hot soup) grind the contents of the pan, turning it into a smoothie.
Remove the finished cream soup from the fire, add salt and pepper to taste, and then you can serve it to the table!

Step 4: Serve the cauliflower cream soup.

Arrange the hot cauliflower cream soup on plates, add crushed cheese or diced cheese into each serving and enjoy the creamy taste of the finished dish. It turns out satisfying, tasty and at the same time easy and gentle. It’s hard to come up with the best lunch.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Well, the soup prepared according to this recipe will be combined with crispy croutons and seeds.

- Cream can be replaced with non-skim or skim milk.