Green salad with pear and radish

Ingredients for Making Green Salad with Pear and Radish

  1. Iceberg Salad Multiple Leaves
  2. Radish 1/2 large handful
  3. Topped radish 1 bunch
  4. Bulgarian red pepper 150 grams
  5. Bulgarian green pepper 150 grams
  6. Pears 200 grams (weight after cleaning)
  7. Lemon juice to taste
  8. Celery Stalks 50 grams
  9. Leek 20 grams
  10. Vegetable oil (grape seed, for example) 1 tablespoon
  11. Ground ginger to taste
  12. Granulated garlic to taste
  13. Marjoram to taste
  14. Salt to taste
  15. Ground pepper to taste
  16. Sunflower seeds 4 tablespoons
  • Main ingredients: Onion, Pepper, Radish, Salad, Celery, Pear
  • Serving 5-6


Salad bowl, tablespoon, kitchen knife, cutting board, frying pan, spatula.

Making green salad with pear and radish:

Step 1: prepare the iceberg.

Rinse lettuce leaves, shake off excess moisture and tear into large pieces.

Step 2: prepare the radish tops.

With radish tops, do exactly the same as with an iceberg: rinse, dry, tear.
Mix lettuce and radish leaves in a plate.

Step 3: prepare the radish.

Wash the radish and cut into large cubes, and then send it to the salad bowl to the greens.

Step 4: prepare the pepper.

Rinse red and green bell peppers, cleanse seeds and kernels, remove the green ponytail and cut off any whitish partitions from the inside.

Chopped peeled peppers and add to other ingredients.

Step 5: prepare the pears.

Peel the pears, remove seeds from their cores, remove twigs. Cut the peeled fruit pulp into cubes, pour with lemon juice, and then add to the plate after peppers, radishes and herbs.

Step 6: prepare the celery.

Rinse the celery stalks, cut and send to the salad.

Step 7: prepare the leek.

Rinse the celery and chop the leek into the salad.

Step 8: add spices and season.

When all the main ingredients for the preparation of the salad are mixed in one plate, add vegetable oil, a pinch of ginger and ground garlic to them. Rub the marjoram, salt and pepper in your fingers, and then pour it into the salad, too.

Mix all the ingredients well, and then send to the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Step 9: add the sunflower seeds.

While the salad is brewing and cooling, fry the sunflower seeds in a pan. Fry in a dry pan, stirring frequently. After which the seeds need to be cooled at room temperature and decorate the finished salad with them.

Step 10: serve a green salad with pear and radish.

Serve a green salad with pear and radish for lunch as an independent cold dish or as a side dish. You can also take it with you to a picnic, it very well emphasizes the taste of barbecue and barbecue.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- It is best to cook and infuse the salad in glass or ceramic dishes, and not in metal or plastic.