Lasagna Chicken with Eggplant

Ingredients for cooking chicken with eggplant a la lasagna

  1. Chicken fillet to taste
  2. Eggplant to taste
  3. Tomatoes to taste
  4. Onions to taste
  5. Garlic to taste
  6. Parmesan to taste
  7. Olive oil to taste
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Pepper to taste
  10. Basil to taste
  11. Parsley to taste
  • Main ingredients: Eggplant, Tomato, Chicken, Cheese, Greens


grill pan, kitchen knife, deep frying pan, cutting board, spatula, blender, tablespoon

Cooking chicken with eggplant a la lasagna:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

Rinse and dry the vegetables. Rinse and chicken.
Peel the onion and garlic and chop into very small pieces.
Grind tomatoes with a blender, turning them into mashed potatoes.
Peel the eggplant, cut into slices of medium thickness.
Chicken fillet cut lengthwise into thin slices.
Grate the cheese on a fine grater.
Chop the basil and parsley with a knife and do not mix with each other yet.

Step 2: prepare the sauce.

Heat a deep frying pan, pour oil into it, add onions and garlic, and simmer together, often stirring often.

When the onions and garlic become softer, pour the pureed tomatoes into the pan, add the basil, salt and spices. And leave the sauce to boil for 30 minutes on very low heat. Remember to mix from time to time.

Step 3: fry the chicken.

While preparing the sauce, you have time to grill chicken and eggplant. First a chicken. Place slices of fillet on a well-heated grill pan and saute the meat until cooked on both sides.

Step 4: fry the eggplant.

After the chicken, cook in the same grill pan and eggplant. Put thin slices of vegetables and fry them well on both sides to a golden crust and a clear lattice pattern.

Step 5: collect all the ingredients together.

Now that all the cooked ingredients are hot, you need to put them together and turn them into lasagna.
First put a piece of fried eggplant on a plate, pour sauce over it and sprinkle with grated Parmesan. Place the chicken fillet on top of the eggplant. Again a layer of sauce and cheese, and then another piece of eggplant.

You will get something like a sandwich. At the very end, pour it with sauce again, sprinkle with grated cheese, chopped parsley and serve!

Step 6: serve chicken with eggplant a la lasagna.

Serve chicken with eggplant a la lasagna as the main hot dish, as you can guess, there is no need for a side dish or sauce, everything is so fine. Be sure to try it.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If the tomatoes gave little juice and during the preparation of the sauce, it turns out too thick, dilute it with water, broth or tomato juice.