Baked fish with pasta

Ingredients for Cooking Baked Fish with Pasta

  1. Fish fillet 4 pieces
  2. Macaroni 400 grams
  3. Sour cream or cream (12% fat) 0.5 liter
  4. Fresh dill 1 bunch
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Pepper to taste
  7. Granulated garlic to taste
  8. Grated cheese optional
  9. Butter for form lubrication
  • Main ingredientsSour cream, Pasta, Greens
  • Serving 5 servings


Baking dish, pan, colander, disposable paper towels, hot pot holders, plate, whisk, grater.

Cooking Baked Fish with Pasta:

Step 1: Cook the sour cream sauce.

Rinse the dill greens, dry and chop very finely. Be sure to remove the hard stems.

In a bowl, mix the cream (or sour cream) with salt, pepper, granulated garlic and dill. You can also use other spices that are suitable for cooking fish, in my opinion this is superfluous, garlic and pepper are quite enough, but you cook based on your tastes.

Step 2: Prepare the pasta.

Cook the pasta in salted water to an al dente state, that is, they should become soft on the outside, but keep hard inside.
Immediately after cooking, discard the pasta in a colander and pour cold water over it. Keep them on weight so that the glass is all excess moisture.
When the pasta has cooled, transfer them to a deep plate, fill with half the cream sauce and mix.

Step 3: Bake fish with pasta.

Lubricate the baking dish with butter. Then put all the pasta in it, spreading them in an even layer.
Meanwhile, the fish fillet (necessarily thawed at room temperature) should also be washed and dried with paper towels. After that, on one side, fish should be pepper and salt, and then lay on top of the pasta with the seasoned side down.

At the very end, fill everything with the remaining creamy sauce, sprinkle with any grated cheese and send to the preheated 200 degrees celsius oven. Bake fish with pasta for 25-35 minutes. This is quite enough for the fillet to be baked and soaked in a creamy sauce. The cheese on top will melt and cover everything with a delicious crust.
Serve immediately after preparation.

Step 4: Serve the baked fish with pasta.

Baked fish with pasta is a full-fledged hot meal for the whole family. And nothing else is needed, everything turns out appetizing, juicy, aromatic and satisfying. Even the most picky picks will gladly eat their portion and still ask for supplements.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Instead of dill, you can take parsley or cilantro, and you can also use any other fragrant herbs.

- For the preparation of this dish any kind of fish, even river, even sea, is suitable. But I advise you to take the one in which there is less fat, and there are no small bones that you simply can not notice or extract from the fillet.