Borsch for the winter

Ingredients for cooking borsch for the winter

  1. White cabbage 1.6 kilograms
  2. Beets 1.5 kilograms
  3. Tomato 1 kilogram
  4. Bulgarian pepper 500 grams
  5. Carrot 500 grams
  6. Onions 300 grams
  7. Tomato ketchup 7 tablespoons
  8. Sunflower oil 300 grams
  9. Vinegar 9% 5 tablespoons
  10. Sugar 4 tablespoons
  11. Salt 3 tablespoons
  • Main Ingredients: Cabbage, Onion, Carrot, Beetroot


Saucepan, ladle, blender or meat grinder, vegetable peeling knife, tablespoon, sterilized jars with lids, grater, hot pot holders, plaid.

Cooking borsch for the winter:

Step 1: Prepare the cabbage.

Peel the cabbage, cut the stalk, and cut the rest into thin strips. However, it is not necessary to grind very much so that the cabbage does not boil too much in the process.

Step 2: Prepare the beets.

Rinse the beets properly, this is a root crop, there is probably a lot of dirt and earth on it. Then peel it. Beets prepared in this way are grated on a medium or coarse grater.

Step 3: Prepare the carrots.

With carrots, do the same as with beets: rinse, peel, grate.

Step 4: Prepare the onions, tomatoes and peppers.

Peel the onion and cut into quarters. Rinse and peel the seeds. Rinse the tomatoes with warm water, cut the stem.
Place all peeled vegetables in a bowl of a food processor or blender and chop them well. You can also turn them into gruel by passing onions, tomatoes and peppers through a meat grinder.

Step 5: Cook the borsch.

Shredded onions, tomatoes and peppers by a blender, transfer to a large wide pan. Bring to a boil, and then, reducing the power of the fire, add vegetable oil, salt, granulated sugar, tomato ketchup and vinegar to them. Mix everything thoroughly and boil again.

Then add the grated carrots and beets. Stir, boil.
And at the very end, put chopped white cabbage in a pan. Mix well again and wait for the vegetables to boil.
Reduce heat to the minimum and continue to simmer vegetables for 1,5 hour. At the same time, the contents of the pan need to be mixed often, so that nothing sticks to the bottom and does not burn.

Step 6: We prepare borsch for the winter.

As soon as the borsch is ready, not letting it cool, put the hot vegetable mass in sterilized glass jars. Tightly tighten the covers, wrap the blanks with a blanket and, turning upside down, put them in the room to cool.
When the soup prepared for the winter becomes room temperature, it will be possible to unroll the jars with it and rearrange them in a place inaccessible to sunlight.

Step 7: Serve the borsch.

You can eat borsch prepared for the winter at least right away! Serving it on the table is not at all difficult: open a jar, dilute with broth and bring to a boil. To taste and desire, you can add meat or potatoes to the soup. And on the table, borsch must be in the company of sour cream and fragrant black bread.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Harvest borsch for the winter in small jars to immediately eat it all, after you open the workpiece.

- It is best to use winter varieties of cabbage for cooking borsch.

- From the specified amount of ingredients, about 4 liters of borsch are obtained.