Lazy dumplings

Ingredients for Making Lazy Dumplings

For the test

  1. Wheat flour 2 cups
  2. Egg 1 piece
  3. Water 1/2 cup
  4. Salt to taste

For minced meat

  1. Meat (pork and beef) 500 grams
  2. Garlic 1-3 cloves
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Pepper to taste

For the sauce

  1. Mayonnaise to taste
  2. Water to taste
  3. Spices for meat to taste
  4. Pepper to taste


  1. Onions 1-2 pieces
  • Main ingredients: Beef, Pork, Flour
  • Portion4-5
  • World Cuisine


Deep plate, rolling pin, baking dish, baking parchment, hot pot holders, kitchen knife, meat grinder, cutting board, garlic press, cup, tablespoon.

Cooking lazy dumplings:

Step 1: prepare the dough.

Pour wheat flour into a deep plate, add a chicken egg, half a glass of water and a couple of pinch of salt to it. Start kneading.

You need to stir the dough with dry hands, kneading it, until you get a homogeneous, pleasant to the touch mass. If necessary, you can add a little more flour or water, the main thing is that you get an elastic dough that holds its shape well and does not spread.

Step 2: prepare the minced meat.

When the dough is ready, rinse the meat, cut off the excess fat from it and remove the films, cut into small pieces, and then pass through the meat grinder. Add salt, pepper, and also finely chopped or minced garlic through a special press to the resulting minced meat.

Step 3: form the lazy dumplings.

Sprinkle flour on the countertop, spread the dough on it and roll it into a thin elongated layer. Divide the dough into two equal parts with a knife.

First put the minced meat one half, evenly distributing it over the entire area using a tablespoon.

Grasp one edge of the dough and begin to wrap it in the center to make a meatloaf roll.
When you have completed all the previous steps with one half of the test, repeat the same with the rest. You will get two rolls of dough and meat. With a knife, cut them into pieces a few centimeters thick. That is, from two large rolls you will get a lot of small rolls.

Step 4: bake the lazy dumplings.

Set the oven to warm up 180-200 degrees.
Cover the baking dish with parchment, place finely chopped onions in it, and on top your lazy dumplings. In a separate cup, mix the sauce with water, mayonnaise (or sour cream) and spices, pour the resulting mixture into dumplings. Bake everything in the oven until cooked, i.e. for 30-40 minutes.

Ready lazy dumplings immediately serve on the table while they are hot.

Step 5: serve the lazy dumplings.

Lazy dumplings served just like ordinary dumplings, it was not difficult to guess, right? Add some mustard, some pickles, pickled cabbage, pickled ginger, and what else is there in the fridge. And before you is a great and simple lunch!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Minced meat can be used any, even mixed meat, even chicken, but in the last it is better to put more spices.

- At the bottom of the pan, along with the onion, you can put the stewed carrots.

- In minced meat, you can also add 1-2 small onions, grated or finely chopped.

- You can bake lazy dumplings under a cheese crust. To do this, sprinkle the dumplings with grated cheese 15 minutes before cooking, and then continue to bake.