Quesadilla with mushrooms and cheese

Ingredients for cooking quesadillas with mushrooms and cheese.

  1. Olive oil 1 tablespoon
  2. Fresh tomatoes 2 pieces
  3. Champignons 300 grams
  4. Garlic 1-2 cloves
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Ground black pepper to taste
  7. Torillas 4-8 pieces
  8. Cheese (gouda, cheddar or emmental) 250 grams
  9. Green onion 4 feathers
  • Main Ingredients Tomato, Mushrooms, Cheese
  • Portion2-3
  • World CuisineMexican Cuisine


Frying pan, kitchen knife, plate, cutting board, spatula, serving plate, grater, disposable paper towels.

Cooking quesadillas with mushrooms and cheese:

Step 1: Prepare the tomatoes.

Rinse the tomatoes, remove excess moisture from them and cut out the remains of the stalk. Crush tomatoes into very small cubes. Slices of vegetables should be really small.

Step 2: Prepare the champignons.

Rinse the champignons, cut off the earthy parts of the legs and dark spots, if any. For large mushrooms, separate the hats from the legs and cut everything into thin slices, while small champignons can simply be divided into several small parts.

Step 3: Prepare the cheese.

Grate the cheese on a fine or medium grater. By the way, cheese can be taken not just one, but several types, it will even be more interesting.

Step 4: Prepare the garlic.

Crush the garlic cloves with the flat side of the knife until the crunch, then peel them and chop them into small pieces.

Step 5: Prepare the filling.

Heat olive oil in a pan and add chopped champignons into it.

Then add some garlic to the mushrooms and fry everything together over medium heat for 5 minutes. Moreover, the contents of the pan need to be mixed often.

Then pour tomato slices into a pan to the mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste, mix well and simmer everything together 2-3 minutes.
Then put the contents of the pan on a plate and let the mushroom filling cool slightly. Dry the pan itself with a disposable paper towel.

Step 6: Cook the quesadillas with mushrooms and cheese.

Reheat the pan by adding a little vegetable oil to it (you really need very little oil, otherwise the quesadilla will turn out to be greasy). Place a tortilla on the bottom of the pan and put a little grated cheese on one part of it, then mushrooms fried with tomatoes, a little more cheese on top and green onion chopped into small rings. Pry the second part of the tortilla, which was left without filling, with a spatula and wrap it, folding it in half with thorium. This is what your quesadilla with mushrooms and cheese will look like, it remains only to bring it to full readiness.

Fry with quesadillas until crusty, i.e. 1-2 minutes from each side. Set it aside on a chopping board or serving plate and start cooking next.

Step 7: Serve quesadillas with mushrooms and cheese.

Before serving, each quesadilla must be cut across into two or, if cut at an angle, into three parts. Serve this Mexican dish with vegetable salad, guacamole or salsa. Then it turns out especially tasty and original!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Also on our website you can learn how to cook quesadillas with chicken and cheddar, quesadillas with pork and quesadillas with meat. All these dishes are very tasty and easy to prepare.

- If desired, you can add fresh spinach and avocado slices to the quesadillas with mushrooms and cheese, put them on top of the mushroom stewed with tomatoes, and then roll and fry the tortilla. And also spinach can be fried along with mushrooms and tomatoes.

- For the preparation of quesadillas, both corn and wheat toritles are equally well suited.