Grape leaves for winter

Ingredients for making grape leaves for the winter.

  1. Grape leaves optional
  2. Salt optional
  3. Water optional
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Casserole - 2 pieces, a kitchen knife, cutting board, a glass jar, a fork, a tablespoon, disposable paper towels, a wooden spoon or crush, slotted spoon.

Preparation of grape leaves for the winter:

Step 1: prepare the leaves.

First, grape leaves need to be sorted out, choosing from them only whole and healthy, then rinse thoroughly and dry with paper towels.
For prepared leaves, be sure to cut off too long branches, for convenience they can be removed in principle, since later, when you cook something with grape leaves, you will have to do this anyway.

Step 2: cook the grape leaves.

Prepare two pots of salt water. There should be enough salt; the easiest way is to check the water / salt ratio for taste. Boil the brine. Set aside one pan to the side, and leave the second to boil over medium or low heat, the main thing is that the water does not gurgle very strongly and does not scorch you.
Fold prepared grape leaves in piles 15-20 pieces in each. And take turns, dip each batch in boiling salt water. Cook grape leaves until they change their bright green color to a more yellowish olive.

When the pack of leaves changes color, remove them from the brine and immediately place them in a sterilized glass jar.

Step 3: we prepare grape leaves for the winter.

Tamp every new pack of leaves that goes to the jar with a wooden pusher or spoon. Once the jar is full, pour the hot pickle from the second pan (that is, not from the one in which you cooked the grape leaves) into it. Close the lid tightly and cool at room temperature, and then remove the leaves prepared for the winter to other pickles and jams.

Step 4: serve the grape leaves.

Grape leaves themselves do not eat, they are usually stuffed with meat, rice, vegetables or cook dolma. I hope this recipe was useful to you.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Many harvest grape leaves with spices, such as garlic or mustard seeds.

- The recipe for making dolma is also on our website, to familiarize yourself with it, click on this link.