Green Tomato Eateries

Ingredients for Making Green Tomato Snacks

For 1 can of 3 liters

  1. Green Tomatoes How Much Will Enter
  2. Sweet pepper 1 piece
  3. Hot pepper 1 piece
  4. Water optional
  5. Sugar 1 tablespoon
  6. Salt 2 tablespoons
  7. Vinegar 6% 80 grams
  • Main ingredients: Pepper, Tomato


Stewpan, glass jar, kitchen knife, cutting board, ladle, nylon cover with holes, a tablespoon.

Cooking green tomato eateries:

Step 1: prepare the tomatoes.

Select dense, strong green tomatoes without damage and ugly spots. Rinse the vegetables thoroughly, it is better to even use a special brush or soft sponge. Let your tomatoes be perfectly clean.

Step 2: prepare the pepper.

For sweet pepper, remove the tail, cut the seeds along with the core. Rinse the pepper, cut off the whitish partitions from its walls. Cut the pulp into thin strips.
Hot pepper should also be washed, peeled and chopped. But here there is one little trick. If you want marinade and tomatoes to be spicy, do not peel hot peppers from seeds.

Step 3: prepare green tomato snack bars.

In clean, sterilized jars, place the tomatoes and prepared slices of hot and sweet peppers. Let the vegetables lie tightly to each other, just try not to damage the tomatoes by clicking on them too hard.
Boil clean water and pour it into a jar of tomatoes. Close the capron cap with holes and leave everything as it is on 10 minutes.
Pour the cooled water from a jar with tomatoes into a stewpan, we will prepare marinade based on it. (In fact, you can take fresh water, and the one that was in the cans can simply be drained.) To do this, you need to bring the water back to a boil, but now having dissolved the granulated sugar and salt in it. After the liquid boils, the stewpan will need to be removed from the heat and add vinegar to the marinade.

Pour boiling marinade into jars of tomato and pepper. Close blanks tightly. Leave the appetizer tomatoes in banks to cool at room temperature.
After the jars with tomatoes have cooled, transfer them to a dark, cool place with other preparations.

Step 4: serve green tomato snack bars.

Green tomatoes prepared according to this recipe are a savory snack, however, this is clear from the name. Therefore, just pull them out of the can and serve them whole or pre-cut them into slices. I have a jar of such tomatoes leaves immediately after opening, and sometimes it does not even have time to live up to the festive table and somehow it will be eaten in passing while cooking. Very tasty, so cook and eat for health!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Many housewives prefer to use apple cider vinegar exclusively for preparing blanks.

- It is better to take the key water for the marinade, but not everyone, unfortunately, has such an opportunity. For example, I use purchased bottled water or filtered from the tap, but this is a last resort.

- You can try the green tomatoes prepared according to this recipe after 2 to 3 weeks.