Korean salted cabbage

Korean Salted Cabbage Ingredients

  1. Peking cabbage 1.5 kilograms
  2. 6 cloves garlic
  3. Ground hot pepper (red) 4 tablespoons
  4. Salt 150 grams
  5. Pure water 2 liters (+ a little more for pasta)
  6. Sugar 1 teaspoon
  • Main Ingredients Cabbage
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Saucepan, basin with oppression, glass jars, a kitchen knife, cutting board, deep saucer, tablespoon, plastic gloves.

Korean salted cabbage cooking:

Step 1: Prepare the cabbage.

Put a head of Beijing cabbage in front of you and peel the top, withered leaves from it, we have nothing to do with it. Rinse the rest under a stream of cool water, dropping the tips of the leaves down and the base up. Wait for the remaining moisture to drain.
Divide the prepared head of Beijing cabbage into four equal parts along, so that you get beautiful large pieces.

Step 2: Cook the brine.

Boil two liters of water in a saucepan, remove it from the heat and add salt. Stir everything until completely dissolved. Wait for the brine to cool to room temperature.

Step 3: Fill the cabbage.

Fold the previously prepared Beijing cabbage in a deep plate, pour it with cooled brine. Put a flat dish on top and some load on it so that the cabbage is completely immersed in water. Leave it like that on 10-12 hours. Only later 5-6 hours turn cabbage on the other side so that it is evenly salted.

Step 4: Cook the hot pasta.

When the cabbage is about to be ready, start cooking hot spices. To do this, mix ground pepper (can be taken in cereal) in a plate that is large enough, cloves of garlic peeled and crushed using a press, and granulated sugar. Add here a couple of tablespoons of cool boiled water and mix. As a result, you should get a very aromatic and sharp thick paste.

Step 5: Cook Korean style salted cabbage.

Take out the Beijing cabbage, shake it a little from the brine and place it in front of you on the board or take a clean plate, as you wish. Take each quarter of Peking separately and spread all its leaves with the resulting sharp gruel. Of course, many will say that it is easier to chop, and mix, perhaps, but in my opinion, if you leave the quarter of the head whole, it turns out tastier.

When you finish spreading the first part of the cabbage, put it in a previously prepared sterilized jar, squeeze the leaves with your hand and take on the next quarter.
As soon as you finish, and all the cabbage will be packaged in jars, pour in each remaining pickle, not to the top, but quite a bit. Tightly cover the cans of Korean salted cabbage with the lids and hide them so far away from your eyes, in some cool dark place. In a couple of days, everything will be ready and you can start trying.
Korean salted cabbage is stored for at least the whole winter, the main thing is that all its leaves should be immersed in brine.
Attention: you can put cabbage not in a jar, but in a container or pan under oppression and store it in that form, if suddenly it will be more convenient for you.

Step 6: Serve Korean style salted cabbage.

Serve Korean-style salted cabbage as an appetizer for a festive or casual table. You can also complement it with all kinds of side dishes, giving your hot dishes a more finished and interesting look. And you can crunch cabbage in Korean and just like that. If suddenly very sharp, just before serving, rinse Beijing leaves with cold water and add vegetable oil.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- In the same way, you can cook ordinary white cabbage, but with Beijing it turns out much tastier.

- Spices are very vigorous, their smell is difficult to wash off from dishes and hands, so be sure to use enameled containers and plastic gloves during the preparation of Korean salted cabbage.

- When choosing a cabbage, pay attention to large juicy heads of cabbage, because the tasty part is not the leaves, but their white base, it turns out to be crispy and appetizing.