Pitted cherry jam

Ingredients for making cherry jam with pits

  1. 3 kg pitted cherries
  2. Sugar 3 kilograms
  3. Water 500 milliliters
  • Main ingredients: Cherry, Sugar


Saucepan, ladle, glass jars with lids, a wide funnel.

Cooking cherry pitted jam:

Step 1: Prepare the Cherry

Sort cherries, removing from the general heap all ugly and spoiled berries, as well as leaves, twigs and other plant debris. Rinse selected cherries and wait for excess moisture to drain from them.

Step 2: cook cherry jam with pits.

In a pan, cook the syrup by mixing 500 milliliters water and 2-2.5 kilograms Sahara. Boil everything for 1 minutesand then pour the cherries selected for making jam with this water and sugar. Leave the berries in syrup on 12 hours.

After the berries are infused, move the pan with them to medium heat, add the remaining amount of granulated sugar, mix and boil everything together. Let the future jam simmer for 5 minutes over low heat. Then the cherry will need to be allowed to cool again and stand 12 hours. Then repeat the same procedure of boiling and cooling still 1 time. Do not forget to remove the resulting foam so that the finished jam is not sugared.
After you boil the jam twice and cool it twice for 12 hours, cherries in syrup will need to be put on fire and again brought to a boil for the third and last time. But now you need to boil not 5, but 10 minutesthen cherry jam with pits will be ready and it will be possible to proceed to the next stage.

Step 3: we prepare cherry jam with pits.

Pour hot cherry jam on prepared sterilized jars of small (up to 250-500 milliliters) volume. Close all the lids tightly, turn them upside down and leave until cool.
Cooled cherry jam with pits can be cleaned in a cool dark place with other blanks.

Step 4: serve cherry jam with pits.

Adults like cherry jam with pits, because for children the pits are a huge problem, and besides, they can choke on them. But I like to pick berries and eat them with tea. Very tasty and sweet, be sure to try.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If the jam turned out to be too liquid, do not worry, just try to put more berries in the jars than syrup. Prepare the remaining syrup separately and use it later for making desserts.

- Before you pour the finished jam into the jars, you need to sterilize them well, otherwise the preparation will not be stored for a long time.