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Potato pizza

Potato Pizza Ingredients

For the basics

  1. Potatoes 7-10 pieces (depending on size)
  2. Egg 2 pieces
  3. Wheat flour 4 tablespoons
  4. Zucchini young 1 piece (very small)
  5. Onion 1 piece (small)
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Ground black pepper to taste

For filling

  1. Fresh mushrooms (any) 6 pieces (large)
  2. Bulgarian pepper 1 piece
  3. Tomatoes to taste
  4. Canned corn 4 tablespoons
  5. Hard cheese 20-50 grams
  6. Pitted olives or olives to taste
  7. Tomato sauce to taste


  1. How much butter is required for frying
  • Main ingredients: Potato, Onion, Pepper, Zucchini, Tomato, Cheese
  • Portion 6-8


A large frying pan, a lid, a spatula - 2 pieces, a kitchen knife, a cutting board, a knife for peeling vegetables, a tablespoon, a small frying pan, a serving dish, a medium grater, a small grater, disposable paper towels.

Cooking Potato Pizza:

Step 1: Prepare the mass for the base.

First peel the potatoes, rinse properly from all all contaminants, especially from sand and earth. Wipe with disposable paper towels.
Then peel and rinse the zucchini, while peeling it is not necessary, because it is still quite soft in young vegetables.
In the same way you need to peel and wash onions.

Now grate potatoes, young zucchini and onions with a medium grater. Mix these vegetables immediately in one deep bowl.

Add wheat flour, chicken eggs to the vegetable mass and mix everything properly. Do not forget to salt and pepper the resulting mixture to taste.

Step 2: Prepare the mushrooms.

Fresh mushrooms, I have champignons, but you can take the ones that you prefer, rinse, clean and dry with disposable paper towels. Cut the mushrooms prepared in this way into thin slices.

Heat butter in a frying pan, put slices of mushrooms in it and fry everything over medium heat until cooked. Remember to periodically mix the contents of the pan.

Step 3: Prepare the vegetables for the filling.

Peel the bell peppers from the seeds and remove the green twig from it, then rinse with clean running water and pat dry with towels. Cut the vegetable into small cubes and lightly fry in warmed butter. At the very end of the frying, add canned corn to the pepper.
Attention: if you want the filling to look a little brighter, take not one bell pepper, but a third from the peppers of different colors.

Rinse the tomatoes with warm running water, wipe them with disposable paper towels, remove the tail and the seal left after it, and then cut the tomatoes into small pieces. If you have cherry tomatoes, then simply divide each vegetable into two equal parts.

Step 4: Cooking Potato Pizza.

Heat a large skillet over medium heat and melt enough butter in it. Put the potato mass in a very thin layer and fry it until it seizes and is covered with a golden crust from below. As soon as the pizza base is roasted on one side, you will need to carefully turn it over directly in the pan.

And already on the one side roasted potato base, apply the pizza toppings. Everything is exactly the same as usual. That is, first the sauce, in our case it’s just tomato, then in random order fried mushrooms, bell peppers with corn, tomatoes and olives or olives. At the end, sprinkle everything with grated cheese, cover and leave on 2-3 minutes. Let the pizza languishover low heat until the cheese is completely melted.

As soon as the cheese melted, the tomatoes were a little baked and the pizza generally began to look gorgeous, remove it from the stove, remove it from the pan and serve it on the table.

Step 5: Serve the potato pizza.

Potato pizza is very satisfying, in my opinion much more nutritious than usual. And this is not surprising, because it turns out just two dishes in one. Therefore, boldly cook it for lunch or dinner to surprise your family with such an unusual dish.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Instead of tomato paste, you can use sour cream mixed with mustard or banal mayonnaise.

- In fact, it is not necessary to fry bell pepper, I just like it more, and you can act as you wish.

- In order to make the base of potato pizza brighter, add a little fresh orange carrot for the color.