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Chocolate-curd cake with strawberries

Ingredients for Making Chocolate Curd Cake with Strawberries

  1. Shortbread cookies (chocolate possible) 200 grams
  2. Butter 100 grams
  3. Bitter chocolate (or chocolate creeps) 200-250 grams
  4. Fat cottage cheese 400 grams
  5. Fat sour cream 400 grams
  6. Sugar 1 cup
  7. Gelatin 25-30 grams
  8. Milk 2 tablespoons
  9. Fresh strawberries 250-300 grams
  10. How much water is needed to dilute gelatin
  • Main ingredientsStrawberry, Cottage cheese, Sour cream, Cocoa and chocolate
  • Serving 8-10


Blender, mixer, tablespoon, spatula, split shape, refrigerator, kitchen knife, cutting board, colander, stewpan, cup, small saucepan, baking paper.

Preparation of chocolate-cottage cheese cake with strawberries:

Step 1: chop the cookies.

Choose any shortbread cookie you like. It will be great to use chocolate, then the base of the cake will have a beautiful dark color. Place cookies in a blender and chop in pulsed motion. No blender, no problem! Put the cookies in a bag and roll out with a rolling pin. The main thing is to get friable small crumbs.

Step 2: prepare the basis.

Add the butter melted in a water bath to the cookie crumbs and 50 grams dark chocolate (if you cook without a blender, you need to grate the chocolate). Mix all these ingredients with a mixer to create a kind of dry paste.

Step 3: prepare the gelatin.

Soak gelatin in water. The amount of water and the time for which it is necessary to soak, I will not say, it is better to follow the instructions that are on the packaging of your gelatin itself, since they can vary significantly from different manufacturers.
After swelling, heat gelatin in a water bath until completely dissolved. And do not get it out of hot water until you need it so that the gelatin does not begin to cool. Just be careful and do not accidentally boil it, otherwise everything happens.

Step 4: drown the chocolate.

In a stewpan, heat the right amount of milk, add slices of dark chocolate or chocolate creeps into it. Melt the chocolate all the time while stirring. You should have a homogeneous liquid mass.

Step 5: prepare the cottage cheese.

Mix fat cottage cheese with sugar and, using a blender, turn everything into a homogeneous mass. You need to grind all the seeds.

Step 6: prepare the sour cream.

Beat chilled fat sour cream with a mixer. You need to disturb about 5-7 minutes. And so that your device does not accidentally overheat, start at the lowest speed, gradually increasing it along the whipping.

Step 7: prepare the curd mixture.

Add the chocolate melted in milk to the curd mass and beat with a mixer to make everything uniform in consistency. Then, while continuing to mix, pour in the gelatin there and whisk again, so that you get a smooth chocolate-curd mass.
At the very end, add whipped cold sour cream and mix again, but with a spatula or spoon, stirring the sour cream from the center to the edge of the curd-chocolate mass.

Step 8: prepare the strawberries.

Fold the strawberries in a colander, rinse thoroughly several times with running water. Then peel the berries and divide each in half. If the strawberries are very large, you can cut them into quarters.

Step 9: form a chocolate-curd cake with strawberries.

Cover the mold (with a diameter of 20-22 centimeters) with baking paper and sprinkle crumbs from cookies with butter and chocolate on its bottom. Tamp the base of the cake well. Put the first layer of curd and chocolate mass with sour cream, that's enough 3-4 tablespoons. Spread it all over the base of the cake. The second layer is strawberries. Lay out the berries as you like, using all at once or leaving a few for decoration. On top of the berries, lay out the remaining curd mass and gently shake the mold several times from top to bottom to remove excess air. Now all that remains is to put the cake mold in the refrigerator at least for 5:00. I usually make this dessert in the evening to serve it in the morning for tea.

Step 10: serve the chocolate-curd cake with strawberries.

Take the finished chocolate-curd cake with strawberries out of shape and decorate as your heart desires. You can halves of fresh berries, like me, or you can just grated chocolate or nuts, for example, almond petals. After that, it remains only to make tea, cut the cake into portion pieces and call everyone to the table.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Use only proven gelatin or pre-sample to make the cake exactly work.

- Use only real chocolate, as sweet tiles behave very unpredictably.

- It is not necessary to put the berries inside the cake, you can simply decorate the top of the finished product with strawberries.

- Instead of bitter chocolate, you can use white, but again high-quality, since some sweet tiles are sometimes simply impossible to melt in milk.