Frozen yogurt

Ingredients for Cooking Frozen Yogurt

  1. Natural yogurt without additives (Greek can) 300 grams
  2. Brown Sugar 150 grams
  3. Vanilla Sugar 15 grams
  • Main IngredientsYogurt, Sugar
  • Serving 2 servings


Blender, deep plate with lid or container for freezing, tablespoon, bowl for mixer, freezer.

Cooking Frozen Yogurt:

Step 1: Mix the yogurt with sugar.

Natural yogurt is a yogurt in which there are no additives, and its shelf life is very short. In addition, it should be thick, not drinkable. You can choose the fat content to your liking, in this case it does not matter.
Place natural thick yogurt in a blender bowl, sprinkle it with brown (cane) and vanilla sugar. Beat everything until smooth. All sugar should dissolve.
Important: if you suddenly think that the yogurt has become too sweet or smells too strong, do not worry, after freezing it will become fresher in taste and with a less pronounced vanilla aroma. Keep this in mind as well if you intend to experiment with the tastes of frozen yogurt by adding various berries or fruits to it.

Step 2: Freeze the yogurt.

Transfer the yogurt mixed with sugar into a suitable plate or container, close the lid and send to the freezer exactly on 1 hour.

Remove the slightly frozen yogurt from the freezer and whisk again with a mixer. This is necessary so that after complete freezing, the dessert has a pleasant texture.
Re-beat the yogurt again, close the lid and send it to freeze now until it is completely thickened, that is, at least 4 hours. Depending on your freezer, it may take a little longer.

Step 3: Serve the frozen yogurt.

Serve the finished frozen yogurt exactly as if it were regular ice cream. That is, simply put in a bowl, decorating with grated chocolate or fresh berries, prepare a fruit salad with it, put it on pancakes, pancakes or homemade waffles. Simply put, make a dessert with frozen yogurt that you like. And you can just immediately eat it like this, for a long time not wisely, it will still be very tasty.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Yogurt prepared at home, the recipe of which can be viewed on our website at this link, is also suitable for freezing. Only at first it will be necessary to place it in a special bag for hanging or on a sieve covered with a cloth and put it in the refrigerator so that it thickens.

- Yogurt can be ground in a blender along with berries, orange peel or chocolate to give it an appropriate taste, and then cook, following the recipe.

- To make the consistency of frozen yogurt creamy, you can grind it with a blender not only once, one hour after freezing, but also do it periodically, every 2-3 hours, after returning the yogurt back to the freezer.