Silver carp balyk

Ingredients for making silver carp balyk

The main

  1. Fresh silver carp (large) 1 piece
  2. Salt 10 tablespoons per 1 kilogram of fish
  3. Sugar 2-3 tablespoons per 1 kilogram of fish
  4. Allspice to taste
  5. Dried coriander to taste
  6. Dried cumin to taste
  7. Bay leaf to taste


  1. Vinegar (from 6%) as needed
  • Main ingredients
  • Portion 5-8


Any non-aluminum pan or bowl with oppression (use, for example, a suitable wooden circle and a glass jar filled with water), a kitchen knife, hatchet, cutting board, gauze, refrigerator, cord or hooks for hanging, a plate.

Preparation of silver carp balyk:

Step 1: clean the silver carp.

I must say right away that when cleaning a silver carp to prepare a balyk, you do not need to remove the scales from it, fins and spikes are not necessary, leave it. The main thing is carefully, so as not to hurt or tear the gall bladder, open the abdomen and take out all of the insides from it, using a blade to clean the fish from the inside of the films and blood clots. None of this should be, otherwise bitterness will appear, which will spoil the whole taste. At the end, remove the head and cut the tail.
Return to the abdomen and cut it in an arc, starting from the place where the head was and ending at the tail. In this case, you cut and ribs. Simply put, carefully cut off the pieces hanging on the sides after gutting the fish. The thickness of the slice after this procedure should be approximately the same everywhere.

Step 2: cut the silver carp.

The cut silver carp needs to be cut into pieces now. Chop it across. Observe the thickness of the pieces, making them no wider 7 centimetersbut not already 3 centimeters. This is very important, because too small ones will dry out, too large ones will not be salted and will not dry out properly, from which they will begin to deteriorate in the middle.

Step 3: salting the silver carp.

In a separate plate, mix the right amount of sugar and salt, based on the size and weight of your fish, as well as add various spices to them. Pour the resulting mixture into a container that you will use for salting. Sprinkle salt not all at once, but so that it is light in an even layer, thick 2-3 mm. Then put the pieces of fish in 2-3 layerssprinkling each with a mixture of salt, sugar and spices. At the very top, place the tail and the abdomen, turning them with the flesh down and the skin up. Put everything under oppression and send in the refrigerator to 6 days.

Step 4: bring the balyk from the silver carp to full readiness.

During that time, while the silver carp stood in salt under oppression, he secreted the juice, and indeed, it must be washed with cold water before continuing. To do this, remove the fish and rinse it for several hours under a thin stream of running water to wash all excess salt. When you need to stop washing, try and decide for yourself.
Hang the washed pieces of silver carp on a cord in a well-ventilated, but not in a sunny room. All places that can stick together, stick with sharp small wooden skewers.
Cover the hanging fish with gauze, and so that insects do not like it before, spray over vinegar. Everything, let it hang and dry for 3-4 days, do not need anymore. Although, of course, after 2 days you can remove a couple of pieces and try, but before these, note that when pressing on the beam, no liquid should leak, however, a greasy film will remain on the fingers.

Step 5: serve the carp from the silver carp.

Serve the finished balyk to the table as an appetizer or just indulge them with good beer. By the festive table, you will have to clean the silver carp from the skin and cut into thin neat slices to make it even more appetizing, and the guests did not have to rummage through the fish, bones and fat. And, by the way, that there, each of us knows for sure what he would do with a delicious batter of silver carp.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Instead of a silver carp, any other large and oily fish, for example, catfish, common carp, pelengas, sturgeon, is suitable.

- Use the spices at your discretion, and if you want to give the river fish a little color, add another saffron, not a lot, a teaspoon.

- To prepare a balyk, you can cut a silver carp into portion pieces so that after not picking your elbow in oily fish and not sucking on the bones.