Salad with Pomegranate and Beetroot

Ingredients for Salad with Pomegranate and Beetroot

  1. Beets 1 piece (not very large)
  2. Pomegranate 1/2 pieces
  3. Soft cheese (Adyghe, mozzarella) 100 grams
  4. Garlic 3-4 cloves
  5. Mayonnaise (can be replaced with sour cream) 50 grams
  • Main ingredients: Beet, Pomegranate, Cheese
  • Portion2-3


Saucepan, kitchen knife, salad bowl, deep plate, cutting board, garlic press, tablespoon, grater.

Cooking salad with pomegranate and beetroot:

Step 1: prepare the beets.

Wash the beets very thoroughly, with soap and a soft brush on the skin, especially if the vegetable is not from your home garden, but purchased at a store or market. Then fold the root crop into the pan, pour cold water and put on the stove to cook until soft. Usually it takes to cook beets 40 to 50 minutes, depending on the size of the vegetable. And to check whether it is cooked or not, you can pierce the flesh, a knife or fork should easily enter and exit.
Ready beets must be cooled to room temperature and only then peeled off the skin, easily cutting it with a knife. And in the end you just have to grate the vegetable on a medium or fine grater, depending on your desire.

Step 2: prepare the pomegranate.

Pomegranate needs to be cleaned, taking out only the seeds, which we will use to make the salad. In order for the whole process to be done without dirt, dip the fruit cut into several large slices into a bowl with water and break it with your hands, peeling off the thick skin. You will see that the grains are drowning, and pieces of whitish pulp float to the surface, from where they can be collected without problems. Drain excess water, leaving the peeled pomegranate to dry.

Step 3: prepare the cheese.

Remove the soft cheese from the packaging and grate it on a coarse grater.

Step 4: prepare the garlic.

Peel the garlic by simply removing it with your hands, just remember to cut off the tips on both sides of the cloves. Peeled garlic cloves, cut into small pieces, grate or pass through a special press.

Step 5: mix the salad with pomegranate and beets.

Put grated beets, cheese and chopped garlic in a deep plate. Add a few tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix thoroughly so that you get a uniform mass of pink. At the end, smooth the surface of the salad and sprinkle it with pomegranate seeds. That's all! Serve the finished dish to the table.

Step 6: serve the salad with pomegranate and beets.

Salad with pomegranate and beetroot looks very impressive on the festive table thanks to the ruby ​​placer covering its top. No one is able to pass by such a masterpiece without having tried it well.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- It is best to use this mayonnaise to prepare this salad, or you can replace it with yogurt without additives or sour cream.

- The cheese, along with beets and dressing, can be chopped in a blender, then you will get a paste that can be spread on crackers or cook sandwiches with it.

- Salt is not added to the salad with pomegranate and beets, since it is usually enough in cheese and dressing, and the beets themselves often do not require to be salted, but everyone tastes different, so try the salad first and make sure that everything enough in it, and then serve it to the table.