Kefir soup

Ingredients for making kefir soup

  1. Kefir 400-500 milliliters
  2. Beets 1 piece
  3. Fresh cucumber 1 piece
  4. Fresh radish 5-7 pieces
  5. Eggs 2 pieces
  6. Cooked sausage (sausages can be used) 100 grams
  7. Green onions to taste
  8. Dill greens to taste
  9. Salt to taste
  10. Ground black pepper to taste
  11. Apple or wine vinegar 1 tablespoon
  • Main ingredients: Sausage and sausages, Cucumber, Radish, Beetroot, Eggs, Kefir
  • Portion2-3


Deep plate, saucepan, kitchen knife, cutting board, tablespoon, stewpan.

Cooking kefir soup:

Step 1: prepare the beets.

Rinse the beets, removing the earth and other dirt, this is the root crop, so spend more time on this stage of its preparation. Then dip the vegetable in a pot of water and set to boil. Cooking is necessary until the beets are soft and can be easily pierced with a fork or the edge of a knife. It usually takes about 40 minutes.
Cool the boiled beets by lowering them in cold water. Then dry and peel the skin from it.
Prepared in this way, the root crop can only be cut into small cubes.

Step 2: prepare the cucumber.

Rinse the cucumber with warm water. Lay it on a cutting board, cut off the ends on both sides and peel off the skin with a knife so that it does not bite in the salad. Cut the peeled vegetable into small cubes, about the same size as you chopped beets before.

Step 3: pickle cucumber and beets.

Fold the prepared and sliced ​​cucumber and beets at the bottom of a deep plate, in which you will mix all the ingredients. Pour a little apple or wine vinegar into the vegetables, mix and leave to infuse for 7-10 minuteswhile preparing the other ingredients.

Step 4: prepare the eggs.

Hard-boiled chicken eggs, enough for this 10-12 minutes. Then they need to be cooled, sharply lowered into cold water. Wait for the eggs to cool completely, only then remove them from the water and peel them. Once the ingredients are cooked, cooled and peeled, cut them into cubes.

Step 5: prepare the radish.

Rinse, wipe, radish, cut off the ends on both sides and cut into thin semicircles or straws.

Step 6: prepare the sausage.

Peel the boiled sausage from the peel-film, cut into small pieces, of any size.
If you want to use sausages for cooking, then you first need to boil them, cleaning them from the shell.

Step 7: prepare green onions and dill.

Rinse green onions and dill properly with warm water, brush off. Lay on a cutting board and chop, chop into very small pieces.

Step 8: mix the ingredients.

Now go back to the cucumbers with beets, drain excess juice and vinegar from them. Then add eggs, radishes, sausage and green onions with dill to the same plate, pepper to taste, salt and season with chilled kefir. That's all, it remains only to serve a refreshing summer soup to the table.

Step 9: serve yogurt soup.

Serve kefir soup in portioned dishes, while it is advisable to decorate each serving with sliced ​​eggs and sprigs of fresh dill, so that not only the taste of the dish, but also its appearance will position you for a meal.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- I like a more spicy taste and therefore often add vigorous mustard to various kefir salads.

- Often even in this summer salad add not only beet root, but also its tops. After all, the tops and roots are useful for this vegetable, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying them.

- If you prepare a salad in advance, then do not refuel it immediately, but only before serving. In general, store it the same way as okroshka, the salad itself separately and kefir separately, mixing only shortly before you start the meal.

- Add or exclude products, adjusting the taste of the soup to your preferences. For example, you can safely add boiled potatoes and carrots.