Chakhokhbili with potatoes

Ingredients for cooking chakhokhbili with potatoes

  1. Fresh small broiler chicken 1 piece
  2. Onions medium size 1-2 pieces
  3. Fresh medium-sized tomatoes 3 pieces
  4. Bulgarian pepper medium size 1 piece
  5. Small lemon 1/2 part
  6. Garlic medium sized 3-4 cloves
  7. Large potato 2-3 pieces
  8. Butter 100 grams
  9. Fresh parsley 25-30 grams
  10. Fresh dill greens 25-30 grams
  11. Ground black pepper to taste
  12. Spice "hops-suneli" to taste
  13. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Potato, Chicken
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World Cuisine


Cutting board, kitchen knife, vegetable slicer, medium cauldron with a thick bottom, wooden spatula, stove, plate - 4 pieces, small bowl, deep bowl, middle bowl, kitchen paper towels, cauldron lid, saucer, juicer, serving plate, scoop, kitchen gloves, deep bowl

Cooking chakhokhbili with potatoes:

Step 1: prepare the chicken.

We thoroughly wash the chicken from all sides under running warm water. Then we wipe the bird with kitchen paper towels and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, we cut the chicken in portions, separating the wings and lower legs from the carcass, and also chop the breast into several parts. We shift the prepared bird into a large bowl and briefly leave it aside.

Step 2: prepare the onions.

Using a knife, peel the onion from the husk and then rinse well under running water. Now put the component on a cutting board and grind it into pieces. Pour finely chopped onions into a free plate.

Step 3: prepare the tomatoes.

We wash the tomatoes well under running warm water and put them on a cutting board. Using a knife, remove the stalks and then chop the vegetables into cubes. Pour finely chopped components into a clean plate.

Step 4: prepare bell peppers.

Bell pepper is well washed under running warm water and then spread on a cutting board. With a knife, cut the tail from the vegetable and then remove the seeds. Now cut the component lengthwise into two halves and finely chop each part with a knife into cubes. Pour crushed pepper into a free plate.

Step 5: prepare the potatoes.

Using a vegetable cutter, peel the potatoes and rinse thoroughly under running warm water to remove residual soil and other dirt. Next, lay out the components on a cutting board and use a knife to cut into small cubes. Pour the chopped tubers into a medium bowl and completely fill with ordinary cool water so that the vegetables do not interact with the air and do not darken.

Step 6: prepare the garlic.

We put the garlic on a chopping board and lightly press down with a knife. Now with clean hands we clean the cloves from the husk and rinse under running water.
We lay out the components back on a flat surface and finely chop into pieces. Pour chopped garlic cloves into a free saucer.

Step 7: prepare the lemon.

Using a juicer, squeeze the juice from the lemon. It is he who will give the dish a spicy sourness!

Step 8: prepare parsley with dill.

Thoroughly rinse the parsley with dill under running water, shake off excess liquid and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, finely chop the greens, and then pour into a free plate. Let it lie on the sidelines for now.

Step 9: prepare chakhokhbili with potatoes.

In a cauldron with a thick bottom, spread the butter and put on medium heat. From time to time, stirring with a wooden spatula, bring the component to a liquid state.
Then pour the chopped onion here and fry it until soft. Attention: sometimes we don’t forget to stir with improvised inventory so that the component does not burn at the base of the container.
Now, holding the cauldron with the help of kitchen gloves, we move its contents into a small bowl and leave it alone for a while. Important: it is advisable to pour melted butter into the container. Now we wipe the sides of the cauldron with kitchen paper towels and put it back on the included burner.
Reduce the heat and immediately spread the pieces of chicken into the container. Cover the cauldron with a lid and stew the bird for 5 minutes. Now we need to drain the resulting juice. To do this, we can again use kitchen tacks and, holding the container with a slightly open lid, drain the liquid into a deep bowl.
After all, put the container back on the burner, increase the heat and fry the chicken pieces from all sides to a golden crust.
Next, pour the onions here and pour the melted butter. Immediately add freshly squeezed lemon juice and finely chopped garlic to the cauldron. Constantly stirring with a wooden spatula, fry the components over high heat for 5 minutes.
Now put all the chopped vegetables into the container, pour the juice from the meat, and pour salt, ground black pepper and "hop-suneli" seasoning to taste. Mixing everything thoroughly with improvised tools, fasten the burner, cover the cauldron with a lid and let the dish stew 10 minutes.

After the allotted time, add finely chopped parsley with dill here and extend the cooking time. for 5 minutes. At the end, turn off the burner, and set the cauldron aside.

Step 10: serve chakhokhbili with potatoes.

We lay out the finished Georgian dish with a scoop on a special plate and immediately serve it at the dinner table with tortillas, white bread and red dry wine. Very tasty, satisfying and aromatic! Help yourself!
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- in addition to the spices indicated in the recipe, you can add others to your taste in the dish;

- try to use broiler poultry for cooking chakhokhbili, since its meat is much more tender than that of ordinary domestic chicken, so the dish turns out to be quite tasty and juicy. The only thing you can do is soak the bird in cool water for about 1-2 hours and only then cut into portioned pieces;

- If desired, more potatoes can be added to the dish. This is my husband who lives richly and loves that meat predominates in food.