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Ingredients for Making Sweet Buns

For the test:

  1. Butter or margarine 200 grams
  2. Milk 500 milliliters
  3. Chicken egg 2 pieces
  4. Sugar 150 grams
  5. Wheat flour 1 kilogram
  6. Quick-acting dry yeast 1 teaspoon

For sprinkling buns:

  1. Sugar 100 grams
  2. Ground cinnamon 2 teaspoons
  3. Refined vegetable oil for greasing baking paper
  • Main Ingredients Yeast Dough, Sugar
  • Serving 10 Servings


Small pan, stove, teaspoon, tablespoon, sieve, deep bowl - 2 pieces, hand whisk, cloth towel, saucer, cutting board, kitchen knife, deep bowl, rolling pin, kitchen table, oven, baking sheet, baking paper, kitchen potholders, serving dish, pastry brush

Cooking sweet buns:

Step 1: prepare butter or margarine.

Put butter or margarine on a cutting board and chop it into small cubes with a knife. Then we move the component into a free saucer and leave it aside for a while. To make the dough, we must have soft butter or margarine. Therefore, we give it independently to reach room temperature, without accelerating this process due to the microwave.

Step 2: prepare the milk.

Pour milk into a small saucepan and put on a large fire. Literally after a couple of minutes, turn off the burner, and set the capacity aside. Its contents should reach a temperature no more than 37-39 degreesotherwise, we will not be able to dissolve the yeast in this liquid.

Step 3: prepare the dough.

Pour warm milk from the pan into a deep bowl. Immediately after this, pour dry yeast here and, using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until smooth.

Next, pour into a container through a sieve 1/2 part of the total amount of flour. In parallel with this, we continue to mix everything with a spoon or a manual whisk, so that no lumps form. We should get a sticky mass. All right! Immediately after that, cover the bowl with a cloth towel and set aside in a warm place. Let it stand about an hour.

Attention: if you want to speed up the process, then just place the bowl of dough in a large container in which there will be warm (but not hot) water. So the mass will rise already in 30 minutes.

Step 4: prepare the dough for buns.

When the dough increases in size, pour sugar into a bowl and, using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly. Do not be alarmed if the mass immediately begins to sink. It comes out of it carbon dioxide, which was formed due to the activity of yeast. Next, add soft butter or margarine here and once again whisk everything with improvised inventory.

Now, using a knife, we break the egg shell, and pour the yolks with proteins into a common container. Again, using improvised inventory, thoroughly beat the mass until smooth.

Pour the remaining flour into a sieve and sift it over a bowl. In parallel, we continue to knead the dough so that no lumps appear. Important: depending on the quality of the flour, both more and less may be needed. In any case, be sure to check the consistency of the test. It should turn out elastic, soft and not stick to your hands.

Put the dough in a warm place again, covering the bowl with a cloth towel. After standing 1 hourmass should increase in size somewhere 2-3 times.

Step 5: prepare the sprinkles for the buns.

Pour sugar and ground cinnamon into a deep bowl. Using a tablespoon, mix everything well until a homogeneous mass is formed. Everything, sprinkling for buns is ready!

Step 6: prepare sweet buns.

When the dough is standing and increasing in size, we take it out of the bowl and put it on the kitchen table, crushed with a small amount of flour. Using a knife, cut the mass 2-3 parts. Using a rolling pin, we roll each piece into a layer with a thickness of approximately 3-4 millimeters. Attention: so that the cake has a beautiful shape, give the dough a ball shape in advance.

Now sprinkle each layer with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon so that we have covered with the components almost the entire surface of the cake, except for the edges.

Now we wrap everything with a roll and always clean the seams with clean hands. Using a knife, cut the sausage into slices approximately 3-4 centimeters.

On each bun (in the center) we make a shallow incision with the improvised inventory, not reaching the edges.

In the end, we unfold the piece so that from the side it looks like a rosette. When all the buns are ready, turn on the oven and heat it to temperature 180 degrees.

In parallel with this, cover the baking sheet with baking paper and, using the pastry brush, grease it with a small amount of vegetable oil. Now we spread buns here at a short distance from each other. Attention: We are not in a hurry to put baked goods in the oven, but let it stand another 15-20 minutes. During this time, it should slightly increase in size, and this is what we need. After all, set the container to a medium level in the oven and bake rolls for 25-30 minutes until a golden crust appears on the surface. After the allotted time, turn off the oven, and take out the baking sheet with the help of kitchen tacks and set aside. Let it cool.

Step 7: serve sweet buns.

We transfer the warm buns to a special plate and serve them with tea or coffee to the dessert table. By the way, such pastries turn out to be so delicious that I often bake them to pamper my kids. For example, you can easily take her to school and feast on her during lunch.
Enjoy your tea party!

Recipe Tips:

- to cook a delicious airy dough, try to use wheat flour of the highest grade, fine grinding and a proven brand;

- instead of cinnamon, you can put poppy seeds in the powder. So the buns are also very tasty;

- so that the pastries do not become stiff, I advise you to store it in a warm place, wrapping it with a cloth towel. So the buns will be able to lie for at least two days if they survive until this time.