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Lenten pancakes on the water

Ingredients for Cooking Lean Pancakes on Water

  1. Pure water 400 milliliters
  2. Sugar 1 tablespoon
  3. Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons
  4. Apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon
  5. Wheat flour 8 tablespoons
  6. Baking soda 1/2 teaspoon
  7. 1/3 teaspoon salt
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 4-6
  • World Cuisine


Pancake pan, spatula, whisk, deep plate, tablespoon, platter, soup ladle.

Cooking lean pancakes on water:

Step 1: Cook the dough.

First, pour all the liquid ingredients, that is, water, vinegar, and vegetable oil, into a clean, deep plate. Stir and add the wheat flour. But not all at once, pour it in portions, one tablespoon each, thoroughly mixing everything with a whisk every time so that you do not get flour lumps. Add soda, granulated sugar and salt at the end. Stir well again to make a homogeneous liquid mass.

Step 2: Fry lean pancakes.

Chop the pan well and grease it with a small amount of vegetable oil, so that it is enough for exactly one or two pancakes, otherwise the fat burns out and starts to smell unpleasant. Gently, turning the pan, pour a little dough on it so that it lies in a thin layer. Fry the pancake over low heat until it seizes and is covered with a golden crust on one side, then turn it over and bring to readiness. Put the fried lean pancake on a flat dish and start cooking the next one. Repeat the same thing until the batter runs out, because in no case should you store it.

Step 3: Serve the Lenten Pancakes.

Serve ready-made lean pancakes in the same way as regular pancakes. That is, with a sweet or any other lean filling. For example, my family just love to dig this dish with honey and crushed nuts. But more often than not, I make some sweet and savory fillings or sauces to choose from.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Pancakes prepared according to this recipe are not brittle and moderately sweet, so you can stuff them with mushrooms, fruits, vegetable caviar and roll tubes from them.

- To make pancakes convenient to fry, apply oil to the pan with a half onion or potato.

“You can also make any snack or cake from these pancakes, as well as from ordinary ones.”