Tasty breakfast

Delicious Breakfast Ingredients

Ingredients for 4 servings:

  1. Green onion 1 bunch.
  2. Arugula 1 bunch.
  3. Parsley 1 bunch.
  4. Sweet roll 2 pcs.
  5. Garlic 1 clove.
  6. Egg 4 pcs.
  7. Olive Oil 50 ml
  8. Apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp. l
  9. Salt to taste.
  10. Sausage 100 g
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings

Making a delicious breakfast:

Put water in a stewpan to boil.

Wash greens, dry.

Cut the bun lengthwise into two parts. Fry the grill on both sides in a dry pan.

Remove the onion from the coarsely white part, cut off all the leaves from the parsley. Fill the greens in a bowl. Add olive oil and grind some salt with a blender.

Cut the sausage into thin strips.

Drive the egg in the saucer.

In boiling water add apple cider vinegar, stir a spoon with water to make a funnel. Make the fire quiet. Gently lower the egg into the funnel. Cook for 4 minutes, remove with a slotted spoon, put on a napkin, drain excess water.

Cut the garlic in half and grate the fried bun with a slice, spread with chopped herbs, put the arugula and sausage. Put a poached egg on top, make a small incision so that a little yolk flows out. Lubricate the top of the egg with chopped herbs, serve immediately while the egg is hot.

Breakfast is ready to enjoy your meal!