Cottage cheese stuffed tomatoes

Ingredients for Cooking Tomatoes Stuffed with Cottage Cheese

  1. Fresh tomatoes (small) 10 pieces
  2. Curd 250 grams
  3. Green onion 2 feathers
  4. Dill greens to taste
  5. Parsley to taste
  6. Garlic 1-2 cloves
  7. Mayonnaise 1-2 tablespoons
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Ground black pepper to taste
  • Main Ingredients Tomato, Curd
  • World Cuisine


Flat serving dish, kitchen knife, cutting board, garlic press, deep plate, tablespoon, teaspoon, disposable paper towels, fork.

Cooking tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese:

Step 1: Prepare the tomatoes.

To prepare this dish, choose strong small vegetables. Rinse them thoroughly first so that no dirt remains on the skin. After carefully cut off the tops with tails. It remains only to remove the vegetable pulp from the tomatoes along with the seeds and all the liquid. We need only the remaining dense skin, which we will use as a kind of kind of basket for the filling. After you clean all the vegetables from the inside, turn them downside down and place them on top of disposable paper towels, they will absorb the remaining liquid.

Step 2: Prepare the greens and onions.

Dill and parsley, as well as onions, are thoroughly washed under running water, then shake, getting rid of drops of moisture. Cut green stems near the greens; they are too stiff to add to the filling. Chop the remaining leaves very finely. At the onion, cut off the whitish part, and chop the rest in the same way as dill with parsley.

Step 3: Prepare the garlic.

Peel the garlic cloves and cut off the inedible tips. Grind the fragrant flesh of the ingredient by pressing it with a press, rubbing it or simply chopping it very finely with a knife. The main thing is that in the end you get garlic gruel.

Step 4: Prepare the filling.

Put the cottage cheese in a deep bowl and rub it with an ordinary fork. Add finely chopped greens with onions to the mashed cottage cheese. Stir well and add garlic. It remains only to season the resulting curd mass with mayonnaise and mix it thoroughly again. At the end, pepper and salt it to taste.

Step 5: We stuff the tomatoes with cottage cheese.

By the time you prepare the filling, the tomatoes should already have dried enough. So now just stuff them with cottage cheese. To do this, put the filling in tomatoes with a teaspoon, gently compressing the curd mass. As a result, you should get wonderful small baskets of fresh tomatoes stuffed with a mixture of mayonnaise, cottage cheese and herbs with onions.

Step 6: Serve the tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese.

Serve tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese to the table immediately after cooking. Lay them out beautifully on a flat dish and decorate with fresh lettuce leaves and, for example, pine nuts. Also, for beauty, you can return previously cut hats to their place.

And you can immediately cut the ponytails at an angle, then the edge of your tomato will turn wavy, which will look even more aesthetic and appetizing.
Enjoy the taste of a light and uncomplicated appetizer of fresh vegetables and cottage cheese.
Bon appetit to all!

Recipe Tips:

- To taste, instead of mayonnaise, you can use fat sour cream or a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise.

- If you take larger tomatoes, then the dish prepared from them can be served as a side dish or breakfast.

- In some recipes, cottage cheese is offered to be mixed with soft cream cheese, it turns out very tasty too.