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Cottage cheese and banana casserole in a slow cooker

Ingredients for making cottage cheese and banana casseroles in a slow cooker

  1. Bananas 3 pieces (medium)
  2. Curd 400 grams
  3. Semolina 3 tablespoons
  4. Sour cream 3 tablespoons
  5. Sugar 4-5 tablespoons
  6. Vanilla Sugar 7 grams
  7. 4 eggs
  8. Pinch of salt
  9. Vegetable oil 2 grams (for a bowl)
  • Main ingredients: Cottage cheese, Sour cream, Semka, Sugar
  • Serving 8-10
  • World Cuisine


A baking brush, a crock-pot with a bowl, a steamer, a tablespoon, a sieve with a fine mesh, a mixer, a whisk, a deep bowl, a deep plate - 2 pieces, kitchen potholders or a towel, a wide kitchen spatula, a large flat dish, a serving plate.

Cooking cottage cheese and banana casseroles in a slow cooker:

Step 1: prepare sour cream and semolina.

First of all, using a baking brush, grease the bottom and inner sides of the Teflon bowl from the multicooker with a small amount of vegetable oil. Then pour semolina into a deep plate and loosen it with your fingers, while removing any kind of rubbish, such as pebbles or husks, they very often fall into bags. Add sour cream to the cereal, alter them with a tablespoon or whisk until a homogeneous consistency and leave to swell for 30 minutes, although it can be longer.

Step 2: prepare the eggs and two types of sugar.

Meanwhile, the back of the knife in turn beat each chicken egg and discard the yolks and proteins into a clean, deep dish. Pour two types of sugar there: regular and vanilla. Beat these ingredients to splendor with any convenient kitchen appliance, for example, a mixer, a blender with a special nozzle, you can use the same whisk or, in extreme cases, a table fork. The duration of the process depends on the choice of inventory and can range from 5 to 15-20 minutes. As soon as the egg mass is homogeneous thick, viscous, lush consistency without sugar grains, and increase at least 2 times, stop working.

Step 3: prepare the bananas.

Then we wash the bananas under trickles of cold running water. Dry them with paper kitchen towels, peel the fruit and put the flesh in a clean bowl. Grind it with a submersible blender or knead with a table fork until smoothie and go further.

Step 4: prepare a banana-curd mixture.

In a bowl with beaten eggs, rub the cottage cheese through a sieve with a fine mesh, add a pinch of salt, add banana puree and put the semolina swollen in sour cream. Slowly mix everything with a spoon to a homogeneous consistency, move the resulting mass into the prepared bowl, distribute it so that it lies in an even layer, and proceed to the next, almost final step.

Step 5: prepare a cottage cheese and banana casserole in a slow cooker.

We turn on the plug of the multicooker in a socket, install a bowl with curd and banana mixture into it and tightly close the kitchen appliance with a lid. Choose a mode on the board Baking 45 minutespress the button "Start" and wait.

When the equipment turns off, notifying about it with the appropriate sound signal, gently close the lid and let the hot steam exit for 3-4 minutes. Then we install a steaming container on the surface of the pie, holding a teflon bowl with a kitchen towel, very carefully turn it upside down and raise it, the baking will be on a kind of platform.
We carefully gratify the casserole with a wide kitchen spatula, send it back to the bowl with the baked side down and again fix the Teflon pan into the recess of smart technology. Again, close the lid, select the same mode, that is, "Baking", but already on 15 minutes. After disconnecting again, set up a new program "Warm up" for 20 minutes.

As soon as the multicooker switches off again, carefully lift the lid and allow the resulting product to cool slightly. Then we take it out of the bowl in the same way as for the first time, using a steaming basket. We spread the casserole on a large flat dish, decorate with any sweets if desired and offer to taste the resulting yummy for your favorite homemade gourmets!

Step 6: serve the cottage cheese and banana casserole in a slow cooker.

Curd and banana casserole in a slow cooker is served more often in a warm and less often in a cold form, but both options are very tasty. If desired, before serving, you can sprinkle the baked goods with powdered sugar, soak in condensed milk, honey, jam, jam, berries, ground with sugar, cover with cream, whipped sour cream or cream or decorate with what you like best. As an addition to such a wonderful dish, cold or hot drinks are suitable: tea, coffee, compote, juice, milk, yogurt, jelly and much more. Cook with love and enjoy homemade food!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- very often in a banana-curd mixture put crushed nuts, candied fruit, dried fruits or dried berries, for example, strawberries, cherries, bananas, raisins, prunes, dried apricots and these are just a few possible options, it all depends on your desire;

- an excellent substitute for vegetable oil - cream or margarine for baking with a minimum moisture content and maximum fat content, sour cream - kefir, fermented baked milk or fermented milk yogurt without flavoring, semolina - sifted wheat flour, but 4-5 tablespoons, and vanilla sugar - liquid extract of this spice;

- for such a casserole it is better to take a loose, slightly granular, slightly dry cottage cheese of medium fat content;

- This recipe is suitable for a multicooker of any brand.