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Puff pastry with cabbage

Ingredients for making puff pastry with cabbage

For the test:

  1. Margarine 250 grams
  2. Wheat flour 450 grams
  3. Kefir 200 milliliters
  4. Chicken egg 1 piece

For filling:

  1. White cabbage 500 grams
  2. Chicken egg 2 pieces
  3. Onion 100 grams
  4. 0.5 teaspoon salt
  5. Tomato paste 1 tablespoon
  6. Refined vegetable oil for frying
  • Main Ingredients: Cabbage, Eggs, Puff Pastry
  • Serving 10 Servings
  • World Cuisine


Cutting board, kitchen knife, teaspoon, tablespoon, stove, oven, small pan with a thick bottom, wooden spatula, deep bowl - 2 pieces, sieve, refrigerator, cling film, plate - 2 pieces, medium pan, kitchen gloves, baking tray, frying pan - 2 pieces, kitchen table, rolling pin, serving dish

Cooking puff pastries with cabbage:

Step 1: prepare the margarine for the dough.

We put margarine on a cutting board and, using a knife, grind it into pieces.

Next, move the chopped component into a small pan with a thick bottom and put on medium heat. Constantly stirring with a wooden spatula or a tablespoon, bring the margarine to a liquid state. Immediately after that, turn off the burner, and set the pan aside. Let the component cool.

Step 2: prepare the flour.

Pour the flour into a sieve and sift it over a deep bowl. This must be done so that the component gets rid of excess lumps, and is also saturated with oxygen. Such a process will allow us to make the dough itself soft and tender. Then the pies will be very tasty and airy.

Step 3: prepare the dough for the pies.

Pour melted margarine into a bowl with sifted flour and mix thoroughly with a tablespoon.

Then, with a knife, break the egg shell and add the yolk with protein to the total container. Pour kefir here and knead the dough with clean hands. We should get a dense elastic mass without lumps. Attention: add some more flour if necessary.
Now we form a ball from the dough, wrap it in cling film and put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Let it infuse and become more dense. Meanwhile, we will prepare the filling.

Step 4: prepare the cabbage.

We wash the cabbage well under running warm water and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, chop the vegetable into thin strips and immediately pour into a clean, deep bowl.

Step 5: prepare onions.

Using a knife, peel the onion from the husk and then rinse thoroughly under running water. Then put the component on a cutting board and finely chop into cubes. We chop the chopped onion into a free plate and leave it for a while aside.

Step 6: prepare the chicken eggs.

We lay the eggs in a medium saucepan and completely fill with ordinary cold water. Now put the container on a big fire and wait for the liquid to boil. Once this happens, fasten the burner and weld the components for 10 minutes. We should get hard-boiled eggs.
After the allotted time, turn off the burner, and take the pan with the help of kitchen tacks and rearrange it into the sink. Turn on cold running water and let the eggs cool completely. This procedure is very important, since it depends on how easy it will be for us to clear the components from the shell later.

At the end, lay the eggs on a cutting board and finely chop the cubes with a knife. Pour the crushed components into a clean plate.

Step 7: prepare the filling for the pies.

We put the first frying pan on medium heat and let it heat up well. Then we slightly screw the burner, and pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the container and lay out the slaw. From time to time, stirring with a wooden spatula, simmer the vegetable for 10 minutes. After the allotted time, add tomato paste and salt here. Having mixed everything again with improvised inventory, we continue to extinguish all additional 10 minutes.

In parallel with this, we put another pan on a medium fire. Immediately pour a little vegetable oil here and let it warm up well. Then pour the finely chopped onion into the container and stirring it with a wooden spatula, fry until tender golden color.

When this component and cabbage are ready, turn off the burners. Pour the fried onions into the first pan, add the chopped boiled eggs here and, using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until smooth. Attention: if desired, try the filling and add a little more salt.

Step 8: prepare the puff pastry with cabbage.

We take out the finished dough from the refrigerator, free it from cling film and put it on the kitchen table, crushed with a small amount of flour. Using a knife, we cut it into portioned pieces of the size that you would like to see pies. We roll small balls from each section with clean hands.

Now, using a rolling pin, we roll each into a thin cake (approximately 3-4 mm) and begin to form pies.

Using a tablespoon, spread the filling on each circle. We wrap it in the dough so that from the side we get a crescent. Do not forget to close the edges well so that during the baking process the pies do not open and the filling does not fall onto the baking sheet.
When everything is ready, proceed to the preparation of baking. Turn on the oven and heat it to temperature 180 degrees. In the meantime, put all the pies seam down on a baking sheet at a small distance from each other. Important: if you are not sure about the surface of the container, then it is better to lubricate it with a small amount of vegetable oil. Next, put the pan on a medium level and bake the dish for 30 minutes. During this time, the pies should be covered with a golden golden crust and begin to fragrant. At the end we turn off the oven, and we take out and set aside the baking sheet with the help of kitchen gloves. Let the pies cool slightly.

Step 9: serve puff pastry with cabbage.

We transfer still warm pies with cabbage from a baking sheet to a special plate and serve them with tea or coffee to the dining table. Baking is very tasty and satisfying, so you can easily take it with you to a picnic, to school or to work.
Bon appetit to all!

Recipe Tips:

- if desired, in the filling, instead of eggs, you can put fried mushrooms, chicken, and also fry onions with carrots;

- to save time, you can buy a ready-made puff pastry or cook it in advance and store it in the freezer;

- To make the dough lush and tasty, be sure to take wheat flour of the highest grade and fine grinding.