Pickled tomatoes

Ingredients for Cooking Pickled Tomatoes

  1. Fresh tomatoes 5-5.5 kilograms (optional)
  2. Purified water 4-4.5 liters
  3. Salt 5-6 tablespoons
  4. Sugar 1 cup
  5. Laurel leaves 10-15 pieces
  6. Black pepper peas 30 pieces
  7. Acetic essence 3 tablespoons
  • Main Ingredients Tomato
  • Serving 3 servings
  • World Cuisine


Three three-liter sterilized cans, lids, a wooden spatula, a can key, a funnel, a soft brush for washing vegetables, a pot, hot pot holders, a colander, and a kitchen towel.

Cooking pickled tomatoes:

Step 1: prepare the tomatoes.

Select only ripe, neat, beautiful vegetables with intact skin for harvesting. Fold the selected ingredients into the kitchen sink and rinse by cleaning each with a soft brush or simply wiping with your hands. Fold the tomatoes washed in this way in a colander and, having fixed them on weight, allow excess moisture to drain and dry the vegetables.

Step 2: prepare the marinade.

Pour water into a clean pot, add bay leaves, salt, sugar and black pepper peas there. Mix everything properly, bring the liquid to a boil and hold it in this state for 7 minutes. After boiling, add to the marinade 3 tablespoons vinegar essence, one spoon for each three-liter jar.

Step 3: pour the tomatoes.

While the marinade is boiling, put the washed tomatoes in the jars. Stack vegetables tightly on each other, but carefully, do not crush any of them. Pour the cooked marinade into jars. Of course, you need to do this by first inserting a funnel in the neck. Let the tomatoes stand in the marinade 3-4 minutesthen carefully drain the liquid back into the pan. Boil the marinade a second time, and once again pouring it into the cans, close the blanks with a lid and roll them up. Wrap the jars with kitchen towels and leave to cool, after which the towels can be removed, and the pickled tomatoes will wait for their time.

Step 4: Serve the pickled tomatoes.

Serve pickled tomatoes as a snack. Simply put them nicely in small plates, decorating, for example, with fresh herbs or thin slices of garlic. This appetizer will be useful both for a regular family dinner and for a festive table. Also use pickled tomatoes as a complement to the side dish, for example, it is very tasty to eat them with mashed potatoes or just fried potatoes and meat. And, of course, do not forget that whole tomatoes can beautifully decorate the main dish, if, for example, it is a whole baked chicken or a piglet.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- In some recipes, it is recommended to use fresh currant or cherry leaves as well.

- You can find recipes where bell peppers marinate with tomatoes. But before that, these vegetables need to be cleaned from the seed core and remove the tail.

- You can also add dill umbrella, garlic, cloves, but not much, or allspice to your taste. You can add these ingredients directly to the jar before pouring.