Potatoes in pots

Potato Potato Ingredients

  1. Potato 1 kilogram
  2. Pure water 0.5-1 cup
  3. Butter 1 tablespoon
  4. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients: Potato, Oil
  • Portion 3-4
  • World Cuisine


Oven, ceramic pots with lids, pan, slotted spoon, plate, vegetable peeler, kitchen knife, cutting board, butter knife, tablespoon, stewpan, kitchen potholders for hot dishes, disposable paper towels.

Cooking potatoes in pots:

Step 1: prepare the potatoes.

When choosing potatoes, try to take only high-quality large-sized root vegetables with a small number of eyes for cooking. Best of all, of course, is a young potato, you can bake one without even peeling it, but it is not always at hand.
We clean the root vegetables from the peel, pick out the eyes, and then we wash the ingredients under running water, cleaning off the adhering pieces of earth. Chop the potatoes with medium sized cubes.
In a saucepan, boil a small amount of water, salt it and dip the potatoes there, boil it 5 minutesand then take it out with a slotted spoon. Put on a plate covered with disposable paper towels and dry the vegetables, removing excess moisture.

Step 2: bake potatoes in pots.

First of all, preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Now prepare the pots for baking, greasing each of them with a small amount of butter. Place the potato slices inside the prepared dishes and cover with the lids. Put the pots in the oven on 10 minutes or until the potato cubes are browned. At the same time, heat clean water in a saucepan, almost bringing it to a boil. Pour lightly-crusted potatoes with a little hot water. Continue baking vegetables in the oven until the water evaporates completely. If you find it necessary, add some more salt and other spices.

Step 3: serve the potatoes baked in pots.

Once the potatoes are ready, start serving. You can put it on a separate dish, for example, as a side dish, or you can serve it directly in pots, waiting until they cool slightly. Baked potatoes are decorated with greens, butter or fat sour cream, to your taste.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Therefore, the recipe can also cook potatoes with onions, mushrooms or other vegetables, such as zucchini.

- In order to make potatoes more fragrant, instead of ordinary water, use meat, mushroom, chicken or vegetable broth.

- When cooking potatoes, you can add any seasoning to your taste. You can even just add a little onion or a couple of cloves of garlic.