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Sour cream cake with gelatin

Ingredients for making sour cream gelatin cake

  1. Sour cream 500 grams
  2. Sugar 200 grams
  3. Instant gelatin 20 grams
  4. Cookies "Jubilee" 120 grams
  5. Fresh strawberries 400 grams
  6. Frozen strawberries 200 grams
  7. Boiled warm water 0.5 cups
  • Main ingredientsStrawberry, Sour cream, Sugar
  • Serving 8 servings


Deep baking dish, blender, tablespoon, plate, deep bowl - 2 pieces, medium bowl, mixer, small pan, kitchen potholders, refrigerator, stove, serving dish, colander, cutting board, kitchen knife

Cooking sour cream with gelatin:

Step 1: prepare frozen strawberries.

We lay out the frozen strawberries in a deep bowl and leave aside until it reaches room temperature. Attention: in no case accelerate this process with a microwave. Let the berries defrost on their own and give the juice.

Then pour into a container 50 grams sugar and, using a blender, beat everything to the consistency of jam.

Step 2: prepare the gelatin.

Pour gelatin into another deep bowl and fill it with warm boiled water. Using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until smooth and leave it for a while (for about 40 minutes) aside. Let the gelatin swell, but for now we will prepare the remaining components.

Step 3: prepare the strawberries.

We clear all strawberries from their tails and put them in a colander. Next, wash the berries under running warm water and leave aside. Let excess fluid drain from the components.

Now put the strawberries on a cutting board and use a knife to cut into thin slices or small pieces. The crushed berries are gently moved to a clean plate and temporarily left alone.

Step 4: prepare the cookies.

With clean hands, break the cookies into small pieces and put them into the deep blender bowl. Using an electrical appliance, grind the components into small crumbs. Attention: it’s also not necessary to grind cookies so that it does not turn into “dust”.

Step 5: prepare the sour cream.

Pour the sour cream in a medium bowl and pour the remaining sugar here. Using a mixer, beat the components at medium speed until a homogeneous, lush mass is formed. Caution: do this until the sugar dissolves.

Step 6: prepare the sour cream cake with gelatin.

Put crumbled cookies in the baking dish and tamp with a tablespoon.
Then we pour ordinary cold water into a small pan so that it does not more than half fill the tank, and put on medium heat. When the liquid boils, fasten the burner to the maximum and carefully place the bowl with the swollen gelatin on top. Important: make sure that the bottom of this container does not come into contact with boiling water. To do this, try to choose the diameter of the rim of the pan no more than the base of the bowl. Now with the help of kitchen tack we hold the whole structure and, using a tablespoon, continuously mix gelatin. It should become fluid.
Immediately after that, turn off the burner, and pour the component in a thin stream into a bowl with sour cream. Once again, thoroughly beat with a mixer and begin to form a cake.

Pour into the mold 1/3 part liquid white mixture, and then spread the strawberry jam and a couple of pieces of berries. Next, add the remaining whipped sour cream with sugar and gelatin, and also add chopped strawberries. We put the container with the cake in the refrigerator and let it freeze for 4 hours.

Step 7: serve the sour cream cake with gelatin.

When the cake hardens, we take it out of the refrigerator, and carefully and not completely dip it into the bowl with hot water for just a minute. So the dessert will lag behind the walls of the container and it will be easy to get it. Now gently shift it onto a flat serving plate and serve it with a dessert table along with tea or coffee. The cake turns out to be very tender and incredibly tasty! Help yourself!
Have a nice tea party!

Recipe Tips:

- to make the cake work well, it is best to leave it to insist all night;

- if you do not want to suffer and dip the mold in hot water, then cover its bottom and walls with cling film, and after the dessert has hardened, easily take it out, holding it by all edges;

- In addition to strawberries, you can add any other fruits and berries to the cake. For example, it can be kiwi, orange, apple, pear, as well as blueberries, raspberries and even dried fruits;

- Instead of cookies, you can use a real homemade biscuit. Then the cake will turn out even more tender and airy, as sour cream soaks the baked dough and it turns into something delicious.