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Simple muffins

Ingredients for Making Simple Muffins

  1. Wheat flour 1 cup
  2. Sugar 0.75 cups
  3. Vanilla Sugar 1 teaspoon
  4. Baking soda 1/2 teaspoon
  5. Food baking powder for the test 1/2 teaspoon
  6. Butter 40-50 grams
  7. Chicken egg 1 piece (large)
  8. 1/3 cup pasteurized whole milk
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Milk, Butter, Flour, Sugar
  • Serving 12 Servings
  • World CuisineFrench Cuisine


A glass (capacity of 250 milliliters) - 2 pieces, a teaspoon, a tablespoon, a stove, an oven, a metal non-stick mold for muffins for 12 cells, paper baking cups for baking muffins - 12 pieces, a saucepan, a kitchen knife, a cutting board, a fine sieve with a net, a deep bowl - 2 pieces, a mixer, kitchen gloves, a metal grill from the oven, a large flat dish or a serving plate.

Making simple muffins:

Step 1: prepare the oven and baking dish.

So, if the refrigerator has all the necessary ingredients, we get them for about 25-30 minutes before cooking and let it warm. At this time, turn on and preheat the oven up to 180 degrees Celsius. Next, we begin to deal with muffin baking dishes, if you have metal muffins, it is better to grease each cell with butter, and then sprinkle with two tablespoons of wheat flour or put a special paper cup in each recess. With silicone dishes, everything is simple, put the rubber baskets on a non-stick pan and move on.

Step 2: prepare the butter.

We take a small piece of butter, divide it into cubes with a sharp kitchen knife, send it to the stewpan and put it on medium heat. In just 15-20 seconds, the fat will begin to melt. We don’t give it a boil or burn it, just constantly stirring it with a wooden kitchen spatula, melt it to a homogeneous liquid state. Once the oil has the desired consistency, remove it from the stove, move it to the ajar window and allow it to cool to room temperature.

Step 3: prepare a dry mixture of flour, soda and food baking powder.

Next, with the help of a sieve with a fine mesh, sift the right amount of wheat flour into a deep bowl. Then we add to it half a tablespoon of baking soda and baking powder for the dough. We mix these products with a whisk until a homogeneous consistency and begin to make the dough.

Step 4: prepare the dough for simple muffins.

In a clean deep bowl, put the raw chicken egg, and pour two types of sugar: ordinary white and vanilla.

Beat them with a mixer until the grains are completely dissolved and the mass is increased by 2, or preferably 2.5 times.

When it acquires a homogeneous airy consistency of a delicate yellow-white hue, pour the cooled butter with whole pasteurized milk into it.

Shake everything again.

After that, we start pouring a mixture of flour, baking powder and soda into a bowl, while kneading a semi-thick dough resembling fat sour cream. As soon as it takes on a homogeneous structure, with the help of a tablespoon we spread the viscous semi-finished product into the prepared cells of the mold, filling each half, and proceed to the next, almost final step.

Step 5: bake simple muffins.

We check the oven and, if it has warmed up to the desired temperature, put a baking sheet with forms filled with dough on the middle rack. Bake muffins for 20 minutes, for which they will reach full readiness, it is not worth it to keep them longer in the oven, they will be too dry.

Therefore, after the right time, we immediately pull the kitchen potholders onto our hands, move the forms with the dessert onto a cutting board previously laid on the countertop, and allow the products to cool slightly, it’s enough 4-5 minutes. Then we immediately squeeze the muffins out of silicone, or we take it out with the cups or pry it off with the back of a tablespoon and very carefully move it onto the metal grate from the oven. We cool the baking to room temperature, decorate it with any other sweets if desired and taste it with pleasure!

Step 6: Serve Simple Muffins.

Simple muffins are served at room temperature or in a warm form. Before serving, they are optionally decorated with icing sugar, melted chocolate, fruit or berry syrups, mastic, creams, pour over condensed milk, honey, grease with jam, jam, whipped cream, although sugar cream is also suitable. Savoring this yummy is pleasant with fresh, only brewed hot or cold drinks, a good option is tea, coffee, cocoa, juices or fermented milk products such as kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk. Cook with love and enjoy homemade food!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- it is not necessary to melt the oil on a stove; it can be done in a microwave or a double boiler, without covering;

- very often ground nuts, chocolate dragees, coconut flakes, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, chopped dried fruits, dried berries, various fragrant essences, citrus zest or a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder are added to such a dough. Each of these ingredients individually gives the baking a pleasant aftertaste and aroma;

- an alternative to milk - kefir, sour milk yogurt, liquid sour cream, cream, and butter - vegetable or margarine with a minimum liquid content and maximum fat content;

- to mix the dough, you can use a mixer, food processor or submersible blender with a special nozzle.